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Blackberry Citrus Rum Punch #SunsOutRumsOut


Blackberry Citrus Rum Punch #SunsOutRumsOut

As you are reading this I am far off in the woods somewhere camping, can you even imagine? Cross your fingers that I haven’t been eaten by any bears yet! Come hang out with my on Snapchat (UN:angejim) to follow my adventure this weekend! I’d much rather be on a beach somewhere lying in the sun, so I’ve decided to share a recipe with y’all that would kick your summer into high gear. This weekend signifies the beginning of summer for a lot of us and I personally want to kick it off with something fabulous! I’m even making it at our campsite.  [Read More…]

Makeup Must Haves

DHC Best Sellers! Must have products from a fantastic brand.

Cocktail Recipes




Top Ten Powder Beauty Products

I feel like it’s been months since I have done a top 10 beauty, so to get in the swing of things I’m jumping back in with the top 10 powder beauty products! I’ve made a list of all sorts of powders that I absolutely love. NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder $7.22  – Ok, […]


Charcoal Beauty Products

Yes, charcoal. Please don’t run away, I promise there is a method to this charcoal madness. I feel like charcoal beauty products have taken the world by storm. And we’re not talking the kind you chuck in the grill for a summer bbq, we’re talking charcoal IN your skincare products. Seriously, everywhere I go I […]


The Best Flawless Finish Foundations

Everyone wants a flawless finish, right? I know that I sure do. So I have some tried and true favorites that always give me that look I’m going for. I’ve tried so many foundations but these little babies are just perfect so I always find myself going back to them. ELF FLAWLESS FINISH FOUNDATION || […]



  You all know that I have a undying love for Suave Professionals. So I wanted to introduce you to one of their newer lines of products that I am absolutely crushing on. The SUAVE PROFESSIONALS® LUXE STYLE INFUSION RANGE is made up of some pretty awesome products! Suave Professionals® is empowering women to “Style […]


Elf Pressed Mineral Blush

Elf makes an appearance around here often. I love them. Love them SO much. Today we are going to chit chat about their pressed mineral blush collection! This innovative pressed powder creates a silky smooth texture that blends like a dream for everyday wear. Infused with Vitamin E and Grape to nourish the skin and provide […]


Beachy Waves Tutorial

  Summer is well on its way and my absolute favorite part of the season is the ability to play with messier hair-do’s! Beachy waves are a longtime favorite of mine and it’s totally possible to pull off the look even if you’re not lucky enough to be laying on the beach every day. As […]


DIY Moisturizing Hair Mask

It’s DIY time, get excited!! You know we love a good diy project around here. As of late I’ve been sharing a bunch of face masks and lip scrubs so I thought it would be fun to give you a do it yourself hair mask that you can make at home and use weekly to […]

DHC Best Sellers! Must have products from a fantastic brand.

DHC Best Sellers

One of my absolute favorite products in the entire world is the Deep Cleansing Oil from DHC. It’s literally the best makeup remover you will ever in your life use and completely amazing. This post is so overdue, I wanted to share some other favorites with y’all from this brand since I talk about the […]


April Favorites

We haven’t chatted about any standouts or monthly favorites here in awhile so I thought it would be super fun to put an April favorites post together and show y’all some of the stuff I have been loving lately. A lot of it has been stuff that I’ve been using since early this year. So […]


The Age of Adaline: Get The Look

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Lionsgate. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Have y’all seen the trailer or any previews for The Age of Adaline yet? I’m SO excited for this movie! Could you imagine a life without aging? I’m stuck between it […]


Burt’s Bees 28-Day Challenge

Want to hear something pretty cool? Your skin renews itself, every 28 days. So when you take on the task of starting with a new line of products you want to stick it out. Give yourself the full 28 days and you can really see outright what the products can do for you and if […]