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Makeup Starter Kit: MAC

This post contains affiliate links.
Makeup Starter Kit: MAC

After my Drugstore Makeup Kit post went over so well, quite a few people asked to see a MAC Starter Kit. Now I am not pretending to be a makeup artist and this may not work for everyone. I just put together a combination of my favorite products and what I believe will work well for everyone and every skin tone.

I wanted to make these picks based off products that would work for anyone looking for just a nice natural every day look but also build upon for a more glamorous look. I completely understand that MAC isn’t for everyone because of the higher price tags and while I am a self proclaimed “Drugstore Girl”, MAC has over the years, quickly become my guilty pleasure. Reason being, it’s amazing quality and you can always count on it to give you an amazing look.

I like this foundation for it’s matte finish, it applies smoothly and leaves your skin looking flawless and airbrushed. There have been days where I have worn this and nothing else. It’s oil free so you’re left shine free.
A medium to full coverage lightweight concealer that has a matte finish. This concealer is definitely a “holy grail” product it completely gets rid of under eye circles and imperfections.
This powder is perfect to set your makeup. It will keep you with a matte finish and get rid of any oily imperfections. You can use it as a touch up throughout the day.
MAC Powder Blush – “Well Dressed” – $20.00

A gorgeous satin soft pink, which is perfect to give you a natural look.



MAC Paint Pot “Painterly” – $17.50

A cream based highly pigmented eye color that is the perfect shade for “eye primer” for most if not all shadows. It’s long wearing and prevents creasing when a shadow is place on top.

MAC Eyeshadow “Naked Lunch” – $15.00

A highly pigmented powder that blends well.  Naked Lunch is a soft pink with a frost finish with just a bit of shimmer and is completely workable for an everyday eye look or to be used as a base to build on.

MAC Shroom – $15.00

Another pigmented powder shadow that also blends well. Shroom is a soft beige with a satin finish that has just the slightest hint of shimmer. It’s completely buildable.

MAC Fluidline – $15.00
This is  an ultra smooth gel formula that applies easily with an eye liner brush. It is completely smudge proof for the upper lash line and water line.
MAC Studio Fix Lash – $15.00
A mousse-like formula gives superior definition, volume and lift by filling in sparse lashes for a dramatic effect. The thin applicator prevents clumping and will give you that full lash look with added volume and even curl. I use this when I want to give that false lash look without applying falsies.

MAC Lipstick “Snob” – $14.50

A creamy light neutral pink that is perfect for an everyday look.  It goes on easily and I believe the soft pink shades help to hide any imperfections on the lip.

MAC Lipglass “C-Thru” – $14.50

Tinted lipglass is the perfect “gloss” to provide shine that lasts. It can worn on it’s own or over lipstick. C-Thru is coined a peachy beige gloss with shimmer. It’s honestly the perfect nude that can be worn over ANYTHING, I know because I’ve tried. From a gorgeous nude to a bright red C-Thru is my go-to lip gloss.

MAC Lipstick “Myth” – $14.50

A gorgeous creamy nude that has fast become my favorite lip color, I use this with C-Thru over top and get many compliments on that perfect nude lip.

I hope this post helped you all. If anyone is wanting to get started with MAC products I feel like these are great starter products that could go with most looks and skin tones. I recommend all of them. You can get everything I talked about here for $215, which believe me I KNOW is a crazy amount of money. I by no means am suggesting that you go out and buy this all at once, I didn’t it’s all products that I have accumulated over the years, and I’ll be honest most were bought when I have had a gift card for Christmas or my Birthday because I find it extremely hard to justify spending so much. I can justify it though because I feel like with most higher end brands you paying for the name more so than the quality but with MAC you are definitely paying for the quality. My biggest suggestion because I am not claiming to know everything is visit your MAC counter they are so helpful with finding you the best shades and products that fit your exact needs. They will do your makeup free of charge (with the purchase of $50 in product) which I know doesn’t make it free but it’s fun bonus if your looking to grab two or three products that you know you’re going to buy anyway.
What’s your favorite piece of MAC makeup? Have you tried any of these products?

How do you justify buying higher end products, I know as a drugstore girl, I have to give myself a pep talk and convince myself it’s an *investment* before making an expensive purchase.

Don’t forget to check out my High End Makeup Kit for products from other great brands!

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  • I know you’re my go-to person for this stuff anyway, but this post is really helpful. I’ve been using the same drugstore routine for the better part of a decade now and when I walked into Ulta for the first time today (gasp) I was so completely overwhelmed that I grabbed my old faithful OPI Dulce de Leche nail polish I was running a little low on and got the heck out of dodge. My skin has changed a lot over the past few years and I definitely need some new products and I may just start with this list =)

  • I have the MAC pro longwear foundation and Mineralize face powder. I love them both. I am an advocate of “beauty on a budget” and I have an insane love for drugstore products but I must have my MAC foundation and powder because they work so well for me.

  • This is really helpful, I am getting more and more interested in the Painterly pot 🙂 xx

  • Love! Myth is like the brigitte bardot type of lipstick! I use it as a nice mixing shade if I want to lighten a particular color 🙂 x

  • You know what, i think MAC isn’t even that bad with the prices. I mean look at the high end stuff like chanel and dior. MACs quality is way better and it’s totally worth to spend $25 instead of $10-15 on a MakeUp you will use for months…i don’t have alot of money either, but i had so much bad experience with cheap foundations (looking like a pink pig after the shade changed on my skin, after i left the house) that i’d rather go with a little more pricey foundations!
    Love, Janine

  • Can you believe I have never used MAC products?
    I live in Europe, but the prices I see in dollars are not as expensive as I thought. I have spent more money on less popular brands.

  • I loved this post & I think you’re right on the money with the items! I have both eyeshadows & to be honest Naked Lunch is really my all-time fave highlight color! The blushes are amazing & I really like the mineral ones better than the reg ones. C-Thru is also a MUST! I love that lipglass & it really goes with anything & everything! I would have to say that the StudioFix powder is my all-time favorite M.A.C item. It really holds my shine & the color is perfect for me. I would love to see more posts like this from you since you give great advice! Heart you girly!!


  • Great post! I’m like you- very cost conscious- but when it comes to makeup, there are certainly products that I ONLY buy from MAC. Specifically the shadows. After you’ve used MAC shadows, you definitely can’t go back! I love Naked Lunch shadow and both of my sisters now use it as well after borrowing mine. 🙂 That’s a great recommendation for this starter kit! I also use the foundation you suggested in this post. One thing I would add is a brow filler. I had never done brows until a MAC makeup artist did them one time a few years ago and it was aaa-mazing. Two great products for that are their “Eye Brows” (Fling is a good medium), or use Brun eye shadow with an angle brush (which is what I do now because it lasts waaaay longer so is less expensive). If I am only doing the very basics, I’ll do foundation, brows and mascara. It’s amazing how much more “done” it looks with good brows!

  • I agree with you on most of your suggestions here, except one thing. I have noticed that MAC eye shadows require you to use MAC bases. I tried using UD as a base and MAC shadow and it doesn’t work well, neither does doing it vis versa. It kinda bothers me cause I love more UD shadows but I ABSOLUTELY love MACs painterly. Also studio fix powder is good to use in cold dry climes, it helps with the matte look. It just feels heavier than foundation. Here is something you might like, I use UD Naked and it is amazing. The only problem is that you need a good moisturizing routine to go under it or it could be a bit splotchy on. I love it cause it is so lightweight with full coverage. Worth a mention and try.

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