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DIY: Makeup Brush Holders

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Hey ladies!! I have said a million times before that I have a serious YouTube watching addiction and a few weeks back I watched one of Ingrid’s (Miss Glamorazzi) videos where she did a GIY = Glam It Yourself Makeup Brush holders and I loved it so much. Previously I had my makeup brushes in a giant wine glass (don’t judge me)  so I decided this would be the perfect thing to recreate because it was something so simple and I hadn’t thought of it before. I’ll link her video below so you can see how she did it but basically it’s fairly simple.

DIY Makeup Brush Holders

She uses used candle jars in her video but I didn’t have any big enough so I went ahead and just grabbed to clear glass tumblers from Walmart for $1.88/each and I already had the Mod Podge from Michael’s because I do so many other household crafts. I took and old paint brush and painted the Mod Podge into the inside of the tumblers and then grabbed some pink and purple glitter that I got from Walmart for $3.49 and sprinkled it inside until it was covered. Once finished you flip them upside down and let them dry over night in a cool area. It’s perfect since you do it all in the inside you have that clear glass finish on the outside. Mod Podge dries clear so all you see is the glitter! I then grabbed some little plant filler beads and dumped them in so there would be something to hold the brushes. I’m just loving this!!

DIY Makeup Brush Holders


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