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DIY Nail Polish Rack

It’s an understatement to say that I am so excited to finally have a nail polish rack to house my crazy growing collection. Seriously, it used to live here…

Do you see the size of that basket? Crazy, I know. It drove me absolutely insane, kept me up nights and I scoured the internet looking for what other lacquer lovers used to store the polish. I saw the very many You Tube videos on the infamous “Foam Rack” but that scared the crap out of me because it’s foam and nail polish is heavy and all that so I couldn’t commit. The lovely Di of “It’s Just Di” suggested the Ikea Helmer which is where she stores hers and you can lust after that right along with meΒ ItsJustDi’s Nail Polish Storage but I’m the type of person who needs to be able to see all my pretty babies so I couldn’t commit to that either (maybe I have commitment issues lol). Then I saw the amazing Krystal’s many Instagram photo’s of her gorgeous acrylic racks which is how she stores her collection which you can drool over with meΒ Beauty By Krystal’s Nail Polish Storage. Again, I couldn’t commit, I would need to many and I couldn’t justify the cost so I continued on my hunt. Then there was Karen of The May Issue’s gorgeous Ikea shelves which you can admire The May Issue’s Nail Polish Storage and I have to say I was *almost* hooked until my husband started side-eyeing me because he said by time I was finished the walls would be covered with polish shelves (I don’t see the problem lol) so I went back to searching.

I finally came across a You Tube video of a beauty guru, DulceCandy87, where she does a DIY Nail Polish rack for under $40 and built from wood. This was it, I had found it, it was love at first site. It holds so much more then the foam racks do. I’ll share her video with you all and definitely check out her channel. It’s awesome!

So I set out for Home Depot and grabbed all the supplies and had my Dad help me build it. She does it all herself, and makes it look super easy but I am so not carpentry inclined so I needed help! We followed her design for the most part but instead of using “Gorilla Glue” we used “Epoxy” for a better hold and then my husband spray painted it white and I love it!

The final product is perfect for me. It fit a good chunk of my collection, I’m already thinking about making another one though because some polishes are still living in that basket and the nail fairy (where I tell my husband the polishes come from) is always dropping off more on my doorstep πŸ˜‰ Also living in the basket are all of my removers, base coats, nail art polishes, random polish, top coats and all of my nail art tools.

Let me know if you would be interested in seeing some close up photos of my entire collection. How do you store your polish? How do you organize it, color, brand, etc?



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