Franken Friday: Sick Lacquers

franken nail polish
Sick Lacquer’s Franken Polish

What’s a “Franken Nail Polish”?, you might ask, a franken polish is a polish that someone hand makes, most are sold on the indie market in shops like Etsy, Big Cartel and Store Envy. They’re also known as “Indie Nail Polish”, I’ve just added a button to my sidebar “Support Indie Polish Makers” that will link you to some fabulous indie nail polish makers as I find them. This market has some amazing people making fabulous polishes unlike anything that we see in the main stream polish world. I’ve really been researching frankens lately and I have decided to dedicate each Friday as “Franken Friday” and showcase an indie seller. Welcome to the second edition, last week I showed off the lovely Miss March Lacquer’s Bellydance Collection.
I have the amazing Sick Lacquer’s for you today and I’m excited to share this shop because while I was researching different indie sellers, Sick Lacquers really caught my eye because it’s a mother/son team developing these custom blended polishes and I think that is freaking cool! They have a wide variety of franken polish from opaque solid colors to jam packed with glitter polish. It was love at first glitter, they even have a Wizard Of Oz collection, which as well is pretty freaking cool!
I have the brand new, not yet released, Valentine’s Day Collection from Sick Lacquer’s to show you all today. I was overwhelmed with joy when I opened my package, hearts EVERYWHERE! I’m a sucker for glitter, especially heart glitter!
Sick Lacquers Be Mine franken polish
Be Mine is a gorgeous stick and hex filled red glitter in a clear base with chunky red and white hearts. Theglitter is so dense I didn’t have to fish for hearts. This is 1 coat over Wet n Wild’s Ebony Hates Chris. 
Sick Lacquers Broken Hearted franken nail polish
Broken Hearted is a heavy sticks, squares, hexes and holo’s glitter with jumbo red hearts in a clear pink base, it applies beautifully and was dense in just one coat. Applied 1 coat over Sally Hansen French White. I want to change this ones name to “Hello, I Love You” because that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw it, it’s my favorite of the collection.
SickLacquers Conversation Hearts franken polish
Conversation Hearts is a creamy off white base filled with hearts. This polish did require a bit of fishing but once I mixed it around a bit with the sticks (provided by Sick Lacquers) they were jumping out of the bottle. I applied 1 coat of Conversation Hearts over Essie’s South Of The Hi’Way.
SickLacquers Love Pink franken polish
Love Pink is the girliest polish ever and I love it filled with pink and silver micro glitters and holo sticks, it compliments that big pink and white hearts perfectly. This was a dense glitter as well and required a minimal amount of fishing for hearts. Applied 1 coat over Barielle’s Allie’s Lace Cover Up, which might I add is a dull pink and this polish really brought it to life. 
Sick Lacquers Telltale Heart franken polish
The Telltale Heart is completely pack in a clear base with gorgeous purple and gold glitter pieces, I loved this polish so much with just 1 coat over Barry M’s Prickly Pear that I kept it on after swatching and I’ve been rocking this manicure for two days. 
This collection surpassed my expectations, each glitter was positively gorgeous and was super easy to apply and removal required some elbow grease, which you’ll find with any glitter but it was worth it. 
I’d definitely stop and have a look at their shop they have such a large collection, $8.50 for full size bottles and $4.75 for mini’s is the going rate.  This collection is set for release over the weekend and will be $4.75 per bottle or $22.50 for the full set, plus shipping. I’d go for the full set, you won’t be disappointed!! 

Base Coat – Nailtiques Formula 2 Protein Treatment
Top Coat – Seche Vite 

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  1. Charlotte Doherty January 18, 2013 / 5:20 pm

    these are so cool! i’ve seen a few of these on other blogs but nothing ‘valentine’s’ specific – how sweet!
    i found you through the blog hop (still going through my favourite blogs!) and am now following you:)


  2. Missmarch Couture January 18, 2013 / 8:17 pm

    I really like Be Mine & The Tell Tale Heart. I LOVE how some of the best indie polishes are like well kept secrets. :)

  3. Goddesslily Seymour January 19, 2013 / 1:06 am

    I’m just getting into nails, I did my first polish with a gel top coat cured under a uv lamp, it’s been on for a week without any chips, now i’m so wanting all kinds of nail polishes and i’m so excited to try these, thanks for posting, please follow my blog.

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