The Drugstore Series – Mascara

Hi Ladies! Welcome to the first post in my new “Drugstore” series. I’m excited to bring this to you. I am a huge advocate of beauty on a budget, which you all know. While we all may lust after certain higher end brands every now and again, sometimes the financial burdens that those products cause just aren’t justifiable and almost every high end item can be duplicated with items at the drugstore. Most of the products found at the drugstore are sometimes even better then that of a high end product. Products that I find myself reaching for time and time again are often drugstore products. I thought we would start this series off with mascara’s and some of my all time favorites that are found at the drugstore. I want to keep this series to products that are available for under $10 and can fit into your budget.

NYC CITY CURLS from New York Color is a curling mascara that is available for $2.99 in most drugstores. This mascara works very well to give you the proper curl and some added volume to your lashes. It’s the mascara I look to most often for my everyday make up routine.

MAYBELLINE GREAT LASH “LOTS OF LASHES” is one of the best mascaras that I have ever tried. Great Lash has been around forever and while it may be an oldie it’s definitely a goodie! This gives you perfect color and volume without leaving your lashes clumpy for the low price of $5.99 in most drugstores.

MEGA PLUMP by Wet n Wild Beauty is available for $3.99 and gives you up to 5x the volume of your nataural lash. It instantly plumps your lashes and is an asset to any night makeup look.

COLOSSAL VOLUME EXPRESS from Maybelline is one of the better mascaras when it comes to adding volume to your natural lashes in just one coat. It’s perfect for a daily look or to add to a smoldering eye for a night out and the best part is it’s only $7.49 at most drugstores.

TOTAL LASH COVER from Milani has a 3 zone brush to build, define and curl your lashes.  I just received this from the lovely Casey at Beauty Blog 101 in the sweetest care package and I am absolutely loving it. It’s long lasting and clump free and is an awesome $4.99 addition to my ever growing drugstore mascara collection.

What are some of your favorite drugstore mascara’s?


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  1. Missmarch Couture says

    I am so old school in saying that the maybelline greatlash in the pink tube is phenominal!!! Right now I am using “They’re Real” by I forget who………but the pink tube mascara is the best, especially for someone budget conscious.

  2. Lauren says

    Great review! I have just brought Maybelline great lash mascara after reading this review, it’s A-Mazing! So thank you for recommending it


  3. yousoldtheworld says

    I really like Falsies Flared! It’s the only Maybelline mascara that works for me, for some reason I’ve never been able to use Great Lash despite everyone raving about it my entire life, lol.

    I’ve had decent luck with a couple of different Milani ones, too!

  4. Natalie Roseanne Peploe says

    I love Maybelline mascara! They do such amazing ones. My favourite mascara is Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara! Definitely worth a try :) xx

  5. Amanda Val says

    Great post! CoverGirl Lashblast is great as a drugstore dupe for Benefit’s BADGal Mascara! I need to try out Maybelline Colossal one since one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Unique Desire, uses this!xx

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