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25+ Eye Makeup Tutorials

Eye Makeup Tutorial

As a beauty blogger, I am obviously a huge fan of makeup and I am always looking for new and interesting eye makeup tutorials from smokey eye makeup tutorials to cat eye makeup tutorials. Whatever it is I love either seeing blog post’s or videos on eye tutorials. Over time I have come up with a few favorites and some fellow bloggers who do great work so their work is something that I absolutely feel should be shared and adored by others the same way I love it.
I had quite a few to choose from and I wanted to share with you the best of the best of these amazing women who are so amazingly talented it’s absolutely inspiring. I feel like I have come up with the best girls and tutorials that really work well for anyone and can work for so many situations. I have tried quite of few of these looks myself and look forward to trying the rest.

1. Sweetheart Eye {Agape Love Designs)
2. Purple Haze Eye {Agape Love Designs}
3. Arabian Eye Makeup {Diary Of A Makeup Geek}
4. Black & Shimmer Smokey Eye {Makeup Artist Me}
5. Copper Eye {Kristin Kicks Ass}
6. Smokeout Eye {Keikolynn}
7. Smokey Eye {Live Gorgeous}
8. Dark Smokey Eye {The Wonder Forest}
9. The Perfect Eye {Signed By Tina}
10. Safe For Work Eye {Beauty By Krystal}
11. Cat Eye {Beauty By Krystal}
14. Golden Eyes {MissJenFabulous}
15. Gold Copper Eye {Trends Style}
16. Peach Smokey {Makeup Monday}
17. Everyday Eye {MissJenFabulous}
18. Bright Summer Eye {MissJenFabulous}
19. Simple Eye with ONE brush {Restoration Beauty}
20. Soft Smokey Eye {Restoration Beauty}
21. Spring Eye {Wayfaring Beauty}
22. Valentine’s Eye {Makeup Artist Me}
23. Violet Eye {Diary Of A Makeup Geek}
24. Turquoise & White Eye {Diary Of A Makeup Geek}
25. Purple Smokey Eye {Diary Of A Makeup Geek}
26. Pink Smokey Eye {Diary Of A Makeup Geek}
27. Unique Smokey Eye {Diary Of A Makeup Geek}
28. The Easy Eye {Green Eyed Monster}

Now I have 28 here but I know that there are probably 100’s if not 1000’s of eye makeup tutorials out there that I just have yet to see, please feel free to link up your own eye makeup tutorials in the comments for us all to check out!


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