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Disney Princess Inspired Nails

Disney Princess Nail Art
I can’t even begin how I excited I am about this post! When I got the news letter for #MakeupMonday, a super fun makeup, manicure and beauty linkup, and found out that the theme for the week would be “Disney Princess” I knew that I could come up with some pretty fun manicures to go along with each princess and since it was already Mani Monday I just thought this would be the perfect post. I started out thinking I would do one or two manicures and somehow ended up 2 days, 10 princesses and 38+ bottles of nail polish later. My husband has been sick with the flu so I had nothing else to do, so I spent my weekend painting my nails which was a blast. I came up with a manicure for each Disney Princess and used their main character colors to draw inspiration from.
Cinderella Nails
This was definitely my favorite of all the manicures!! Cinderella is my favorite princess and I plan to recreate this mani again because I am loving it!
Ariel Nails
I decided on a sponge gradient and glitter top coat for Ariel, I am loving it. (Mind you this was after 3 failed attempts of painting fish scales)
Belle Nails
Belle reminds me of a simple girl, so I went with a simple nail.
Jasmine Nails
Jasmine and her pet tiger and a little help from my friends provided me with the inspiration for this manicure!
Mulan Nails
This is the only manicure I didn’t physically do this weekend, I saved Mulan for the end and realized that I already has a manicure that would be perfect for her, so I recycled this one.
Pocahontas Nails
Can you sing with all the colors of the wind?
Rapunzel Nails
What better then a fishtail braid to go with Rapunzel and all her hair?
Sleeping Beauty Nails
The colors for this are almost perfect with her dress and I LOVE it.
Snow White Nails
I love the red glitter on this mani, Snow White is my least favorite princess but I didn’t want to leave her out so I decided to go with a simple cloud manicure to match her dress.
Tiana Nails
Everything about Tiana screams frog, and I had no intention of putting a frog on my nail, that would be too obvious, I wanted something simple and elegant and I think I got it with this manicure.
I hope you all enjoyed these Disney Princess inspired manicures!

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