Franken Friday: PJ Polish

Franken Friday

What’s a “Franken Nail Polish”?, you might ask, a franken polish is a polish that someone hand makes, most are sold on the indie market in shops like Etsy, Big Cartel and Store Envy. They’re also known as “Indie Nail Polish”, I’ve just added a button to my sidebar “Support Indie Polish Makers” that will link you to some fabulous indie nail polish makers as I find them. This market has some amazing people making fabulous polishes unlike anything that we see in the main stream polish world. I’ve really been researching frankens lately and I have decided to dedicate each Friday as “Franken Friday” and showcase an indie seller. Last week I shared the lovely polish from Sparkle Nail Lacquers. 
I have another amazing Franken this week, from the lovely PJ Polish collection. When I opened it I was ecstatic, the amount of glitter in this bottle makes me one happy girl! I couldn’t be more pleased. 
Parting The Sky Swatch
Parting The Sky is ahhhmazing! My favorite part of it is that you can wear it on it’s own. I love glitter and this polish is full of awesome fine glitters that make for the perfect polish. This would go great as a full manicure, an accent nail or a top coat. It’s available as a mini in her shop for $3.00
I’m excited for things to come from PJ Polish, her next collection will be inspired by tattoo’s. I can’t wait to see it. 
Go grab this polish, it’s a steal!! 

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