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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles: At Home Beauty Tuesday

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Whether it be from stress, consuming too much caffeine, not drinking enough water, lack of sleep or crying, I think all of us ladies at one point or another have wanted to know just how to get rid of dark circles or puffiness under our eyes. Now while some may choose to go out and spend boat loads of money on eye creams or laser treatments, truth is, you can get rid of dark circles naturally, at home. All you need is quick trip to the grocery store and some “me” time to relax for a few minutes. Anything that has a home remedy is something I’ll out at least once and I love finding home remedies for getting rid of dark circles and the puffiness but the best one I have found is this right here. Tea Bags! I prefer to use chamomile tea (it’s the most healing) but you could also use green tea. It’s a personal preference, whichever you prefer. Tea bags can just as easily be used as soothing eye pads as they can for drinking. They lend themselves perfectly to a cooling eye pad, to help reduce puffiness and get rid of dark circles.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

4 steps. It’s that easy, and works wonders. This is also considered a toning eye treatment as well as the tea and the cold work to stimulate and energize the skin and make it look more alive around the eyes. You can do this as often as twice a day or as little as you like. I often find myself using them before bed to avoid puffiness in the morning or after a long night out, I’ll use them the morning after to decrease the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. As a self proclaimed insomniac these have really come in handy for me.

While I know that the tea isn’t actually being consumed in this DIY, to be on the safe side, avoid using chamomile tea bags if pregnant or nursing or have ragweed allergies!

How To Avoid Dark Circles Soothing Eye Pads



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