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Jamberry Nails


Jamberry Nails
Jamberry Nails
UPDATE: 7/11/13 – Since writing this review, I have tried out the final two foils, and I had the same issues. Bubbles, peeling and just all around a bad experience. They just don’t work as easy as you would expect a nail foil to and they aren’t something I will be trying again. You can grab some cheaper versions at the drugstore and they’re much better. 

I am a huge fan of nail foils, from Sally Hansen to Kiss Nail Sticker. So when given the opportunity to try out Jamberry Nails I quickly jumped at it. Jamberry Nails are vinyl strips with many different designs. has 100+ designs and I loved the three that I received. 
Jamberry Nails aren’t like nail foils that I am used to, since they are vinyl you need to use a hair dryer to apply and remove them. I’m used to just sticking it on, smoothing it out and going about my way. I will say that once I read the application process I was a little bit intimidated. 
Jamberry Nails Application
I took on this task, and in the end it really wasn’t as *hard* as I was making it out to be. It was a bit difficult to get the hang of it and for my first try I would say I did ok but there is definite room for improvement. I decided to pick from the three Jamberry Nails designs I was given and go for a blue/green & white striped nail. 
Jamberry Nails Designs
Like I said, they take a bit of work to apply, once you remove a sticker you need to heat it for 10-15 seconds with the blow dryer (User Note: I think for better results this should be more like 25-30 seconds) until they become soft and flexible and the apply to the nail. Once applied you take scissors and cut off the excess and then file off the piece that can’t be cut in a downwards motion until all is smooth. Once you apply all stickers to all of your nails you need to use the blow dryer again and heat them so they completely seal to your nail (User Note: I found that this didn’t really make much of a difference, they seemed to seal fine on their own) and then you’re finished. Sounds easy right? Well there are a few issues, you’re supposed to apply these from cuticle to tip but when doing this you get some air bubbles that don’t ever quite find they’re way out. Applying heat the second time around is a bit annoying, especially if you have an extra strong blow dryer like me, my fingers were burning.  
Jamberry Nails
I actually really loved the design. Each sheet of Jamberry Nails comes with 18 stickers for $15.00 and you can most likely get three manicures out of it, each sticker is long enough that once you apply it and cut it you can use the cut portion for the other nail. The only real problem I had with these is the air bubble which you can see in the photo above, but I believe that is just user error and the fact that it was my first time working with them, I will try out once of the other two designs that I received in a fun nail art post and make sure to give you an update, I think next time instead of applying from cuticle to tip I’ll do it in a side by side motion and that should likely reduce the appearance of the bubbles. 
Jamberry Nails The picture absolutely shows all the tiny imperfections but I have to say from far away they look a lot better and I received quite a few compliments on them in the four days that I wore them. Another thing I noticed is no matter how many times I washed my hands or did the dishes they did not loosen nor did they chip for the first three days and that’s using my phone and typing on the computer almost constantly, I did notice a bit of chipping when I went to remove them but nothing that was too noticeable. All in all I enjoyed my experience and I look forward to trying another design and hopefully perfecting the application process!Have you tried Jamberry Nails?
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  • I’ve been wondering about them. Do you think you could do a follow up post the second time you apply them? They are a bit expensive. I have longer nails so I’m sure I can’t do two nails with only one strip. I’m not sold on them yet. But everyone keeps having those parties selling them.

  • Love these, they’re so pretty, never mind the slight imperfections, most people won’t be grabbing your hand and inspecting the absolute quality. They look gorgeous 🙂

  • Super cute nails! Too bad it does sound like a pain to apply. 🙁 Id probably be too bothered by the air bubbles and end up picking at my nails, so they wouldnt last more than a day on me. LOL

  • Love this design! I have used Jamberry Nails before and I have found that if you use a slightly smaller wrap than your nail, it can help make the application process easier! Make sure you don’t skip any steps. I apply them at the cuticle then smooth down the center first then each side. I have found this helps to avoid the bubbles and creases too. Everything is a little strange the first time you do it. Think of the first time you painted your nails!! Each application gets a little easier and faster to do.

  • You can use the consultant locator on the Jamberry Nails main page and request a sample to try. That way you can test them before you take the plunge! I just measured the ones I have and each strip is 1.5″ long. Even if you can’t do two nails from one strip, you can always use the leftovers on your toes! That’s what I do and I can get them to go a long way!

  • I liked them very much at first but I too ended up with nail damage. Plus It did take me a long time to put on. I have a lot of concerns about the return policy. If you do the buy 3 get 1 free and use them as they suggest (2 weeks)… then you can not possible try all 4 designs with in the 30 days to make sure they will work. I heard they now have new adhesive. I heard it is “stronger”…but if the old was damaging nails and that took a few applications I can’t help but wonder if the new will to. I do hope they are better. I know from my own experience if you can list 52 people that have had damage like I can then it becomes nerve racking to recommend them. Once again the CONCEPT is amazing but I wish they did more testing prior to sending the product out. Oh, will they release what is in the adhesive now, did the new stuff get FDA approved, I would love to know that.

  • I love these!
    I remember seeing these at a gift fair I went to a few years ago. I tried them and I loved the fun designs and how long they stayed on!

  • I’m definitely going to try it out, but it just seems there are easier ones out there. I didn’t skip any steps and still ended up with the bubbles because of how stiff they are even after the heat is applied. I’m also hearing major health concerns relating to them so it’s definitely something I need to research more.


  • I just went to a party (Wed) and my sample nails look great and are staying on very well. The consultant told us that the new adhesive and vinyl are vegan, gluten-free, and non-toxic. I have only put one on myself (as my order has not arrived yet and the consultant did my first one) but I didn’t have any trouble with air bubbles. Now you are able to put them on with a small rice filled bean bag which is what I did and it seems like this would be easier than a hairdryer. Since the strip doesn’t curl from the heat before you apply it to your nail it went on smoothly and was easy to reposition prior to adding the heat (which I think would be hard if the adhesive was already activated with a hairdryer). Again, I haven’t applied a full set and it has only been two days since I put the sample on, but I gotta say I love them so far. I have a friend who has bitten her nails her entire life and has been using them since December (she had the party). She hasn’t bitten her nails since she started using them. This could be a positive for others with the same problem? Anyway, just thought I would share my experience in case it could be helpful.

  • Came across your blog looking for Jamberry’s return link. I have had the same issues with the metallic colored wraps as well as a few of the geometric design wraps. I normally use Incocco…and I think I will be switching back. 1 out of the 3 styles purchased from Jamberry’s went on smoothly without bubbles and lasted for almost 2weeks. This particular wrap was thinner and more pliable than the others…not sure if it is because of the design or if it was one if their newer formula wraps. I heated and smoothed these wraps for about 2 hours, even reapplying just to master the technique. Though the designs are cute and the successful wrap I put on lasted a while, Jamberry’s nails are a waste of time. And isn’t that why women buy them? To save time and money at the salon? Anyway, I am wanting to return my wraps and get my money back. Any idea how to do that?

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