20 Wedding Nail Art Ideas

Wedding Nails

Hi, ladies! Wedding season is just around the corner and since I showed you some inspiration in my Minted Wedding Invitation post, I thought I would share some of my favorite “Wedding Nails” that I have seen over time, Pinterest is always popping with the best of the best. Check some of these great designs out & let me know you favorites!

  1. Glitter and Nails
  2. Glitter Gradient
  3. Simple Lace
  4. In A Bottle
  5. Key To Your Heart {{Mixed Mama}}
  6. French Mani With Diamond Accent
  7. Engagement Ring Accent
  8. Simple Bow Nails
  9. Sponge Gradient
  10. Pearls & Bow {{Let Them Have Polish}}
  11. Simple French
  12. Classic Wedding Look
  13. Heart Accent
  14. Reverse French with Glitter
  15. Sweet & Simple Wedding Nails
  16. Bride & Groom
  17. White Butterfly {{Robin Moses}}
  18. French Tips {{A Polish Addict}}
  19. Simple & Chic {{Valiantly Varnished}}


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