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PMD Review {Personal Microdermabrasion}

PMD Review

Moving right along in the Skincare Series, I’m gonna talk about a product that I was dying to try yet scared the absolute crap out of me when I first took it out of the box. I have a PMD Review for y’all today! In June, I turn 29 and that also scares the crap out of me, you can start sending me all the wine now! I have this bizarre, unrealistic & crazy fear of wrinkles. I’ll try anything once so I was more then happy to jump at the chance to review the PMD Personal Microderm System.

Do you know how much a Microdermabrasion session at a salon or doctors office costs? Everywhere I have looked it’s $75-$220 per session, that’s insane. Seriously. When it comes to the nitty gritty, of personal microderm I’ll let this guy from the PMD YouTube channel explain it because he better understands all those big words then I ever could, he is a doctor after all.

Now that we know what Microdermabrasion actually is, let’s talk about the benefits!

  • Smoothes away dull and rough skin texture
  • Softens fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and burn scars
  • Improve skin tone, sun damage & age spots
  • Clear out clogged pores & underlying dirt and oil by using vacuum suction and exfoliation
  • Rejuvenates skin while promoting new collagen growth and cell renewal
When used once a week, the PMD Personal Microderm system will minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation and blemishes for a vibrant, youthful complexion. Why I wanted to try PMD… I have combination skin but I suffer from sun damage, I was a chronic tanaholic through high school as well as dry, dull, uneven toned skin. All of these together further add to my previously mentioned fear of wrinkles. I wanted something that I could use and combat these issues head on. I think I have found it.
Personal Microdermabrasion
When you get your kit, the first thing you need to do is watch the enclosed CD which shows you everything you need to know about using your new system, seriously if you’re not a dermatologist watch it before attempting to use your device. I sat down and watched the whole thing, twice because I was so scared I would screw up the process and somehow burn my face off. (I’m crazy, we know this.) 
Personal Microderm Review
The system comes with two types of discs, four blue discs for sensitive skin and 2 green discs for tough skin and trouble spots. Each discs last for 3/4 treatments, so you should get 8 treatments out of what comes in the kit. The system is available for $179 & you can purchase six replacement discs for only $14.80.
PMD Review
So I was ready, I felt like I had armed myself with all the information I needed to go to town and use my device. Start with a fresh clean face and get ready to be amazed. I have to tell you, I was NOT prepared for the vacuum sensation that I felt when I first touched this to my face, I nearly jumped and hit the ceiling but you get used to it, I promise. I started with the blue pads, meant for sensitive skin. As I moved it along my skin, it was easy not to go over the same place twice or linger in the same area because the dry skin left white flakes behind as you moved across it, which made me happy to see that the exfoliation was actually working. It was extremely easy to use, and the results are almost instantaneous. I follow up each use with a heavy moisturizing night cream. 
I have very few acne scars but they are something that I spend a lot of time and a lot of concealer covering them up. I can say that after using the PMD, once a week for the last three weeks, they’re gone completely gone. It has honestly amazed me. My skin is so smooth and I can tell that my skin tone is beginning to even out on it’s own. The redness that I usually have around my knows and under my eyes has gotten so much lighter, while not gone yet I am convinced that with continued use that will disappear as well. 
Let’s talk about the price, I don’t want you to get all “$179? You’re crazy” on me. I’m not telling you to run out and buy this, the price is high, believe me my budget beauty self knows this. But when you look at from a point of view, where if you were to have this done somewhere else you could get into paying thousands of dollars and with this system there are no long term costs, the replacement discs are super inexpensive and for the ability to do this at home and get instant results, I totally support the price tag.
One of the coolest things I have come across about the PMD Personal Microderm system was actually from their Twitter account, @personalmicrodm, is that if you use the PMD without a disc and run it across your lips, the vacuum works as a lip plumper! That’s pretty cool.
If you have acne scaring, a deep seeded crazy fear of wrinkles or just want younger, more rejuvenated skin then this is absolutely the product for you. You can like PMD on Facebook, they’re always running contests so you may be able to win one for yourself!

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  • I had mild acne growing up and still have what I think are scars but dr. has told me it is just my pores are open. This may be something to consider, since I dream of having smooth looking and feeling skin 😀

  • I had mild acne growing up and still have what I think are scars but dr. has told me it is just my pores are open. This may be something to consider, since I dream of having smooth looking and feeling skin 😀

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