Rock Candy NOTD & Vegan Lip Balm


Rock Candy By Julie G & Gnarly Whale Lip Balm

Happy Monday!! How was your weekend? Mine was crazy, we had a leak in our bathroom and were without water for most the weekend and now we at least have water, but still not hot so I am hoping that is taken care of by tonight, mainly because I want to play with my new hair goodies from The Gnarly Whale and my vegan lip balm!

I did have a bit of time to play with some nail polish though, I was able to pick up the Julie G Frosted Gumdrop collection when it was on Groupon and so far I have only tried ‘Rock Candy’ but isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? I am loving it, and I really didn’t think that I would because I am not a HUGE textured polish fan. This is gorgeous though and I can’t wait to try the rest!!

Another thing I am loving? Is that absolutely delicious lip balm from The Gnarly Whale shop, I have been using it all weekend and I just wanted to give you a sneak peek {since I already posted it on Instagram}  before doing a full review on all of my goodies from them!! Want to know more about them? Check out the guest post Ashley did for me here.

I would also love if you could do a huge favor for me… The Gnarly Whale is a husband & wife team and they have asked Intuit to grant their small business wish and they’re hoping they can get enough votes to win the money to expand their product line, purchase better equipment to speed up their manufacturing, and to put towards the cost of relocation. All you have to do is take a couple of seconds, really not that many at all, and click this link, you can vote once a day and I would love for you to help me, help them make their dream a reality!



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