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Gnarly Whale Beach Waves: Get Summer Ready

Gnarly Whale Shop Beach Waves

Today we’re talking hair… I love talking about hair!! Before I get into this new fave, let me give you a bit of a background. I have thin, fine, boring, no volume to be seen hair. Hair products never really do what they say they’re going to do for me without a little help from some other product friends.

When I first got my hands on the Thai Coconut scented Beach Waves from The Gnarly Whale, I’ll admit, I didn’t have high hopes because my hair refuses to hold any form of curl without adding a massive amount of product. It’s just how it is, I have used other products aimed at giving you that ‘beach wave’ look before and my hair was left stick straight and kind of crunchy.

I knew going in that I couldn’t just follow the easy directions and  ‘spray liberally over wet hair and let dry’ while that will absolutely work for most people who have a natural wave, curl or even straight hair that isn’t anti-curl like mine. I decided to follow those directions ‘sort of’ because I know my hair. Here’s what I did, and this gave me in my opinion the best kind of beach wave I could have imagined!!

1. Spray liberally over towel dried hair.
2. Flip your hair over & blow dry on low (cool setting)
3. Scrunch while drying
4. When hair is *almost* dry, spray a bit more all over
5. Flip hair and blow dry upside down on the cool setting
I was super impressed with the volume I got from this alone, especially since I usually need a root lifter and a good Jersey girl tease to see any type of volume and the waves? Oh Em Gee, I have NEVER used anything that gave me the kind of wave, dare I say loose curl that this did without heat and 10 different products. I don’t think impressed is enough to describe how absolutely amazed I was with the Gnarly Whale Beach Waves!
Gnarly Whale Beach Waves
As if those lovely waves aren’t enough to make you want this product… Here are just a few more of my favorite things about it, and why I will always choose this over another brand! My hair was left feeling super soft no crunch here and the curl held up all day without adding hairspray, SUPER WIN! It’s the perfect mix of sea salt, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel to give that beach beauty look all day long. As with other Gnarly Whale products it is completely Vegan, so you don’t get that harsh chemical scent or residue in your hair, there was no product build up from this at all. Like I said, I have this in the ‘Thai Coconut‘ scent and I am obsessed with it but there are so many scents to choose from &&& I think I need Strawberry & Coconut Lime Verbana in my life ASAP!!
Beach Waves isn’t the only product you can find from The Gnarly Whale, make sure to check out their shop for lip balms, hair detangler, shampoo && more! As always, use the code ‘HAIRSPRAY20’ to get a 20% discount off your entire order!!
Gnarly Whale Ambassador

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  • Super cute! Thanks for the review! I love the way my hair looks after I take a dip in the ocean here so this would be nice to add to my products. 🙂

  • Hello my dear!
    Interesting product that I never tested!
    Thank you for the post.
    Have a lovely day!

  • I’m going to have to try this!! My hair is like yours – it’s won’t hold curl of any kind to save my life…..except for the beachy waves I have the one week of the year that I’m at the beach.

  • Omg I need this product!!! My hair is fine, limp, no volume and HATES any kind of texture. I want curls without having to use a curling iron (which I am terrible with). Also, I was just browsing their store and I will be ordering more than one thing – I am falling in love with more natural products. I have a sulfa allergy and 98% of beauty products contain sulfa’s so I am switching to more natural products and need a new body scrub.

    Thanks Ange!!!

  • When my hair gets longer I think I may just need that Strawberry one in my life!

  • My hair definitely needs this! I usually use Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray, but this sounds like it’s worth a try. And you look ADORABLE!

  • Jersey girl tease! Ha ha! I’m in the same boat with the hair. Heading over to see what they’ve got!

  • Ohhh…I think you sold me! 😉 I have the same exact type of hair. Stick straight and super fine. I’m using a beach spray product in my hair right now which is better than what I’ve tried in the past and seems to semi-work, but leaves it crunchy feeling. I will be sure to give this a go! Heading over to order some now!!! Thanks for the code! 🙂

  • Angela

    I know what you mean! My hair is stick straight and won’t hold any curl to save my life. I am going to have to try this asap!

  • I need to try this!! I have neither straight nor curly hair so I have to either straighten or curl it to make it look nice. These waves seem like just the solution!

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