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The 5 Best Self Tanners


 best self tanners

I wanted to share the best self tanners with y’all today. No matter the season, sometimes us fair skinned gals need some summer glow and these products will put you on the right track for the perfectly bronzed skin.

1. Beautisol Sunless Self Tanning MouseInstant/Gradual color. This has definitely become one of my all time favorites! Seriously, it has the best guide color so you know exactly where it’s going and you can apply it with the mitt that comes with which makes it super easy. It’s lightweight and fast-drying. I’m casper kind of white and this provides a great natural looking tan. It’s also moisturizing which is amazing and is formulated with a technology to keep it smelling great so you aren’t left with the gross self tanner smell.

2. Xen Tan Perfect BlendGradual color. This one should definitely be applied while wearing gloves. It has a gorgeous olive base so you don’t end up looking like Snooki. This is foul proof and perfect for a first time self tanner. This has an adjustable dial so you can literally customize your tan each time you apply. No streaks, no orange after glow and absolutely no gross scent.

3. Loreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush SprayInstant Color. This is one of the best of the best when it comes to drugstore self tanners, it’s under $10 which is amazing! I really love this, I highly recommend putting this on in your tub though while standing because it’s seriously messy. Because it’s a spray and has a bit of a guide color so it’s easy to see where it’s going and prevent spots. I didn’t get any streaks from this, awesomesauce! The wide angle applicator makes it easy to apply this on your own and get even hard to reach places. This is a perfect color for summer.

4. St. Tropez Bronzing MousseInstant/Gradual color. This is lightweight and super easy to apply and probably the most natural looking tan that I have ever gotten out of a bottle. No streaking and provides an all over tan, definitely use the mitt to apply or rubber gloves. I absolutely love the color of this!

5. Sun Labs Overnight TanInstant color. This gives you a pretty, glowing and natural looking tan. Definitely the ‘cult’ favorite in the bunch, and I can promise you Sun Labs is worth the hype! They’re super in tune with what you need from a self tanner. This one smells fab. This one sets in about three hours and is extra moisturizing.

– Always moisturize with an alcohol free moisturizer to extend the life of your tan
– Always, always, always exfoliate & shave the night before using a self tanner
– Apply before bed and shower in the morning
– Don’t sleep on light colored sheets
– If you get streaky or have a mishap, use lemon juice mixed with baking soda as a quick fix
– Rinse your hands immediately after applying
– Rub a tiny bit of lotion on your dry areas (knuckles, ankles in between fingers and toes, knees) before applying your self tanner.
I hope you enjoyed this list of what I think are the best self tanners!

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  • Great post! I haven´t used any of these self tanners, but think I would love to try Sun Labs and St. Tropez products.

  • I am super pale, and since I’ve gotten older my skin freaks out if I’m in the sun too long. I am definitely going to look into these. Thanks!

  • I love the tips at the end! Im always afraid to use self tanners because I dont want to mess up and look bad! So Great tips. Granted I do tan very nicely naturally… But I usually wish I could try self tanners in the colder months!

  • I love the St Tropez Mousse!I was always quite scared of tanning in case I messed up. I would recommend to new tanners to buy some tan remover wipes in case of errors. I use a mitt but I still wear a glove underneath it because I find you can still get stains through the mitt. And I always apply tan to my ankles, knees and elbows last, with whatever is left on the mitt!

  • I tend to go with Jergens for fair/medium. I normally embrace my paleness, haha, but when I feel the need to add a little color to me, that’s what I usually use. I had a bad experience with a self tanner ages ago, which made me stay away from them for a while.

  • I haven’t tried any of these, but I really like Banana Boat’s self-tanning lotion 🙂 It’s so easy to apply, and I’ve never gotten any streaks.

  • Oh thank you for this! I did a Jergens a long time ago and it wasn’t bad. I am casper white too. So which one is your favorite as you seemed to like them all

  • I love the Fake Bake self tan liquid or airbrush. It looks totally natural, dries quickly and actually smells nice. The Sun self-tanner is also great but the lotion takes a bit long to dry. Thanks for the great tips! Will have to try the others. : )

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