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Fashion On The Cheap With Olive & Ivy


Hi lovely ladies of Hairspray & High Heels! My name is Chelsea and I blog at Olive & Ivy, and design blogs at Olive & Ivy Design. I am super excited that Ange is letting me take over for today, because well… her blog rocks. She is the makeup master, so I definitely didn’t want to tackle that subject for my guest post. Instead, I wanted to chat about something near and dear to me… fashion! And more specifically, fashion on the cheap.

I am cheap. Simply put. I have certain prices in my head set for each type of clothing which I will not spend more than. For example, $10 for a shirt is sounding good in my books. $20? Maybe not so much. I’ll wait for a sale. Yeah, I know. Cheap. I very rarely buy something that costs any more unless it’s of amazing quality and I know I’ll wear a ton. But my closet thanks me for it… or not really I guess, because it’s packed full now. I thank me for it though, because my options are endless! Check out how I get dressed on the cheap. (PS – excuse the fact that some of my photos are watermarked as, I rebranded to Olive & Ivy at the beginning of this year!)

This first outfit is super casual but one of my faves because it sort of looks like I tried. The jeans are a $20 Urban Planet pair I’ve had for years, the top is a beige Piko from Kiki La’Rue (I rep their stuff on the regular), the bag was $14 from Ardene, the leather jacket was a whopping $15 second-hand..woop woop! And the boots were $15 on sale from Forever 21.

I love dressing for the beach. It means you can be casual but cute and always comfy. This look involves a $10 fedora, super old tank top which is probably valued at negative dollars, a highwaisted pair of denim shorts from Glassons (I splurged, they were $30. But look at their beauty!) and $5 on sale studded sandals.

When I lived in New Zealand, I was the queen of TradeMe which is basically New Zealand’s eBay but way better than eBay. I was getting new clothes on a constant basis for super, super cheap. The cardigan I’m wearing was bought off TradeMe for like $5, the headband was $5 from Rubi Shoes, the peplum top was $5 from CottonOn, jeans were $15 from CottonOn and the shoes were on sale for $15 at Rubi Shoes. Love it.

Last outfit. Obviously, I like leopard print. And why not mix and match it with a neutral color so you don’t look like crazy leopard lady? Okay, maybe I did a bit anyways. Headband, 2 for $5, shirt was free for review, CottonOn jeans for $15, Rubi Shoes flats for $15.

As you can see, you can dress nice everyday without spending a fortune. You also might notice that a few pieces were featured more than once in each outfit. Like my black jeans, or leopard print flats. Invest in pieces that you’ll wear over and over. Invest in pieces that will slip their way into an outfit without screaming “YOU WORE ME YESTERDAY AND THE DAY BEFORE AND ALL LAST WEEK!!!!”.
I hope that you enjoyed reading a bit about one of my favorite things today! Come check me out at Olive & Ivy for fashion posts on the regular, mixed in with some lifestyle and design posts as well. Thanks so much to Ange for having me! xoxo

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