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Best Gnarly Whale Products


Best Gnarly Whale Products


It’s no secret that I la la LOVE Gnarly Whale! They’re a husband and wife team who strive to provide low-impact, minimal ingredient beauty, bath, and body products to dudes and dudettes around the world. Their products are all handmade, human tested and vegan!
I’m always shouting about my love of Gnarly Whale products, and a lot of people have begun asking what are the must haves, and apparently “EVERYTHING!” is not a suitable answer, who knew? So I wanted to share, my 5 must haves! If you can’t get anything else, have some budget constraints or are looking to add something to a gift wishlist, I’d go with these products (to start) and let your love affair begin here.
1. Peach Mango Lip Balm – I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but I am uber obsessed with the flavor. Not only do their balms moisturize your lips but the flavor is an added bonus!
2. Montego Bay Body Spray – I have a tendency to drown myself in body spray, and since I am literally putting it everywhere, I feel safe knowing that Gnarly Body Sprays are completely free of harsh chemicals and vegan! I chose Montego Bay because the scent reminds me of the beach with a mix of that tanning salon scent (the good kind) thrown in and I am in tropical heaven every time I wear it!
3. Funnel Cake Shampoo – I am almost out of this one, and I need to stock up! It’s a carnival, IN YOUR HAIR! The scent is amazing! If that wasn’t enough, it lathers up better then any other handmade, vegan, and safe shampoo that I have ever used! It’s also super light weight and even helps get rid of that extra product build up!
4. Cocunut Lime Verbana Hair Detangler – This smells like… the Bahamas? I’ve never actually been to the Bahamas but in my head, this scent is what that tropical paradise would smell like! I have named this the ‘grown-up detangler’ no more pretending to have a child at Walmart while picking up 5 bottles of No More Tears, I love knowing that I have another option & one that in fact works ten times better!
5. Strawberry Sugar Scrub – This super gentle scrub is perfect for exfoliating your face, body, and even lips! No redness or irritation here! It doesn’t hurt that it also smells fab!!
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