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Corkcicle & Wine Pearls Review

Corkcicle Review

It’s been Wine O’Clock around here a lot lately, huh? I just love it, and I love trying out fun new wine accessories! I was super excited to grab this stuff over at Uncommon Goods and I have been la la loving using it!

Corkcicle – The Corkcicle is a fun wine accesory, you put in the freezer for about 2 hours and then you can use it to keep an already chilled bottle of wine cold for 45 minutes! I tested this out on a bottle of riesling and it worked out fabulously! It’s a BPA-free icicle filled with reusable freeze gel so it doesn’t thaw into your drink and water it down. You can grab one for $25.00 here.

Wine Pearls Review

Wine Pearls – You know what the worst part of a good glass of wine is? If you need to put ice in it, it gets so water downed and that just drives my little wino heart insane! I am in love with these Wine Pearls, they’re pretty cool!

Simply freeze this set of four sleek, stainless steel orbs, pour a glass, then drop a few into your wine. Like ice cubes, the more “pearls” you use, the more frosty your beverage will get. The sophisticated, oval shape of the chillers is ideal for round-bottomed glasses, since the glimmering spheres will pile up elegantly in the bowl after they’re plinked in one at a time. You can grab them for $25.00 here.

I just love all of the wine accessories that come from Uncommon Goods! Amazing!

What are your favorite wine accessories?


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