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Feel Good Moments: DIY Detox Bath & Coffee Face Mask

Thanks to Poland Spring® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are 100% my own.

Feel Good Moments: DIY Detox Bath

Happy #HUMPDAY all! This week has been super crazy for me! I leave for vacation on Saturday, and let me just tell you trying to get everything finished before then with work, the apartment, and getting the pet’s taken care of is enough to drive me insane. I need a mid-week break!

What do you do to unwind? I am always mixing up some sort of DIY beauty concoctions, did you see my Honey & Lemon Face Mask from yesterday? Amazing!

To give myself a break this week and try and relax I decided I would take a nice long detox bath to rid my body of all the toxins, especially since I will be pigging out on vacation next week! I paired my bath with a well as a lovely coffee face mask! And I am always more refreshed when wine is involved so of course I had to ahead and make a spritzer! My go-to spritzers are always made with  sparkling water! Spritzers, face masks & a bath, who could ask for a better ‘feel good’ moment?

What do you do for a ‘feel good’ moment?
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Every hump day (or Wednesdays for those who don’t know), Poland Spring® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters is sharing some of their favorite ways to feel good and escape the midweek hump.
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  • I could totally use a mid-day break! Sounds wonderful. The Mandarin Orange flavor sounds awesome!! They all do!! 🙂

  • I never thought to add baking soda to my epsom salt baths! Thanks for the tip! And you know I love my wine spritzers, haha. The raspberry-lime sounds amazing. I’ll need to check it out!

  • I’d TOTALLY done a bath like this! I thought it was nuts but actually felt better afterwards!! I think after this weekend (my 6 year old’s birthday party) i’ll need to detox myself and relax!

  • I’m a Raspberry Essence girl myself! I think I’ll unwind today with that bath & Spritzer!

  • Okay that looks heavenly! I love the way you do your pictures on your blog by the way, so so fun! Raspberry lime sounds so good! I might have to make a run to the store.

  • Oh this sounds like a delightful mask! And I’ll take a Raspberry Lime too, if you don’t mind! 😉
    Cheers to you and yours,

  • I dont like coffee mask. its smell awful and makes my skin super dry.. I would rather stick with the bason though.. Thanks for all the tips

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