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HANA Professional Flat Iron 1" Review


HANA Professional Flat Iron 1" Review

The HANA Professional 1″ Flat Iron has been featured in Redbook & marie claire magazines, and with good reason! It’s amazing. I have to tell you, I am so not a flat iron girl, I could buy a $12.00 one from the drugstore and be happy, that was, until I met the HANA! She’s amazing!

The HANA Professional Flat Iron has adjustable heat from 140-450 degrees, depending on what your hair needs! I usually go lower because my hair is mostly stick straight when air dried anyway, I have the tiniest bit of wave so I can get perfectly straight with a lower temperature! My favorite part is that you can use this on dry or damp hair, not soaking wet obviously but damp and that works for me because then I don’t need to further damage my hair by using a blow dryer before the flat iron.

HANA Professional Flat Iron 1" Review

The blue plates are my second favorite part, they’re just so pretty! Guess what? Another cool feature for this flat iron is that those plates are adjustable, so you can self adjust to your hairs texture! The plates are curved so it’s not only perfect for straightening but it’s great if you want to use it to curl your hair!

It comes with a heat proof silicone mat for easy cool off and a leather pouch to store it in! This has completely replace my drugstore straightener, it’s just that good! Everytime I use it, someone mentions how nice my hair looks and it’s always fabulous after I straighten with the HANA Professional Flat Iron. This girl is hooked!

In the market for a new straightener? I highly suggest you pick this one up, just $129.98 from Misikko, and worth every penny! Misikko also sells some pretty great curling irons as well that I am just dying to try!

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