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Best High-End Makeup Products




I have to be honest, I am as cheap as they come! I believe that you can find *almost* any makeup product at the drugstore. You do not have to spend a fortune on all high-end makeup products to build a great makeup kit. That being said, there are a few high-end makeup products that are seriously worth their weight in gold! These are products that even though they come with a hefty price tag, they’re totally worth it!


Best High-End Makeup Products

1. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation – This stuff is amazing! I can justify the cost because you seriously need to little to get great coverage! It’s perfect for all year and I have never had any type of reaction, I feel like my makeup lasts must longer when I use this as my base!

2. Nars ‘Orgasm’ Blush – This is a cult favorite with good reason. Super pigmented and totally buildable, it’s a perfect color that can go with most skin tones, year round. I am in love with this blush!

3. Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ – This is a great makeup setting spray, it’s actually one of only two that I have found actually get the job done. I use this twice when applying my makeup, once after I do my foundation and concealer and again when I am all finished and my makeup lasts for 8+ hours!

4. Dior Show MascaraI don’t think there is another mascara on the market that can live up to this baby, if you have found one please SHARE! I get so much volume from this as well as length that there is no need for falsies! It has never clumped or flaked for me either, which is an awesome quality!

5. Nars Larger Then Life EyelinerThis eyeliner is so good that you could go out with nothing else on your face, and you look so put together! It just makes your eyes pop! The staying power of this baby is almost 6 hours!


6. Benefit ‘Hoola’ BronzerI’m usually very loyal to my drugstore bronzer but if it suddenly one day got discontinued, I would just replace it with this. It is super pigmented and has the most gorgeous ‘touch of sun’ shade to it!

7. MAC ‘Myth’I won’t even begin to tell you how many of these suckers I go through! I am in love with the nude lip and this shade is absolute perfection! I’ve seen dupe after dupe but honestly nothing lives up to this shade.

8. Tarte Maracuja ConcealerThis stuff is the bomb dot com (yeah, I said that) it covers anything! I use this to hide my dark circles and any splotchiness.

9. Fresh ‘Sugar’ Lip BalmDon’t be mistaken, you can definitely find a lip balm for way cheaper, but a high-end product list would not be complete without this one. It tastes delish and has an amazing scent. It keeps your lips super hydrated all day long!

10. Butter London ‘Slapper’I know this isn’t technically a makeup item but it’s high-end and oh so gorgeous, you can rock this shade year round for the perfect pop of color!

11. The Balm ‘Nude Tude’ PaletteI refuse to become a slave to the UD Naked palettes because well you can dupe them with way cheaper versions! I love this palette it gives you everything you need, for any skin tone for any type of look!!

What are YOUR favorite high-end products?


  • I love that NARS and Hoola Bronzer. Huhu
    Haven’t try the other ..

    come and see my blog if you have time


  • Does Urban Decay count? That’s probably most most expensive product unless you count my Clinique makeup (powder and blush).

  • I really love tarte brand the Maracuja oil is great! haven’t tried the concealer yet though. There blush powder stays on all day!

  • GIRL. That Nude Tude Pallete is the BOMBBBBB. I just got it a few weeks ago because I, too, can NEVER bring myself to buy a Naked palette- even when I have extra money. I’ve been eyeing nude tude, and finally got it on hautelook. love love love it.

  • Why must you give me MORE things to add to my wishlist?! I’ve wanted to try the Chanel Vita Lumiere foundation for awhile along with the Dior mascara. The fresh lip balm is awesome though, I got a mini for my birthday from Sephora and it makes me want a large one soooo bad lol.


  • My favorite high-end product is Guerlain’s terracotta bronzing powder. Super expensive but well worth it and it’s lasted me years! x

  • now i feel like i need all this stuff!!
    what is your go to drugstore bronzer? i am feeling pretty orange lately, definitely need a new bronzer!

  • I swear by Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara. Haven’t compared it to Dior that you recommend. I don’t get clumps and volume and length, have you tried it? I think it’s fantastic.

  • I went to the Chanel counter to check out this foundation and they gave me a sample of the Vitalamire make-up. I ended up returning the next day to purchase it . This is the Greatest, I don’t like anything heavy.

  • I loved this post, im a sucker for some good high end makeup, but im always worried that thy wont be worth the money, and this post helped, i have been wanting to buy they Urban Decay All nighter setting spray for ages, so i think i might go out and buy it now, so thank you for the review! i recently just started a blog and i did a blog post on my Top 5 Highend makeup products, so check it out, f you want to see my opinion!

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