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Football Nails

Football Nails Tutorial


Football Nails

Umm, yay for football nails! I’m a few weeks late but HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! We’re huge football fans in this house and my love for the Philadelphia Eagles knows no bounds so as they go into Sunday’s game against the 3 and 0 Bronco’s I thought I would do a fun little manicure or #fanicure as Covergirl & the NFL  is calling it with their fun new #nailgating campaign to get me in the spirit and calm my nerves!! The Chip Kelly era is starting to scare me a bit, but that’s neither here nor there. While you won’t find any glitter on my jerseys, pink is no where in site and I rock football games with no makeup; my nails are ALWAYS done and instead of just a boring manicure, I figured, footballs nails would be a fun a addition.

I had a little bit of inspiration going into this, especially color wise. There is this Easy Super Bowl mani that has basically taken Pinterest by storm since You Tube guru MissJenFabulous did it last year and it’s almost always popping up in my feed right along with that is another Easy Football Mani from Love For Lacquer (which is actually where I saw it first, because I’m a huge fan of her blog) that is gorgeous!

I wanted to go a bit different with the ‘accents’ though and since I had my fabulous #nailedit decals from one of my favorite etsy shops ‘Made By Munchies’ mama, I thought what the heck let’s have a bit of fun! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. You could even change up the colors and do your teams colors!!


Who is your favorite Football Team?


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