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DIY Ice Cube Facial


Do It Yourself Ice Cube Facial

– Ice Cubes
– Cucumbers, lemons, roses.

You can use just plain old ice. You can add cucumbers, lemons, or even rose petals to it.
– You want to wrap this ice in a ziploc bag or a towel.
– Rub on your face in upward and outward motions for about five minutes.

An ice cube facial is a great treat for spa night at home. It can really work towards giving you a stronger even toned complexion and a refreshed look. It is one of the easiest facials out there and super popular in many the celebrity spa. This is absolutely one of my favorite facials and I do this once a week just to refresh myself. It also helps for any dark circles under your eyes.

I usually pick a fruit or tea that I have on hand and that’s what I freeze with my ice for the added benefits, you can also go ahead an freeze green tea to get all of the great antioxidants and anti-inflammatory aspects from the green tea.

Have you tried an ice cube facial?


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  • Love this!! And I have a TON of ingredients on hand and ready to go! Pinning now. xo

  • Love the idea and it seems refreshing.
    I have one question though.
    Why do you add something to the ice cube if you have to put the ice cube in a Ziploc bag?
    I don’t understand how you benefit from it when it doesn’t actually touch your skin.
    I’m probably missing something :/

  • I have a couple of questions:
    do you have to you use fresh rose petals or can you use rose water?
    what other vegetables would be appropriate to use besides cucumbers?
    (You said you use what ever is on hand, what else would be good to use?)
    You put the actual fruits whole into the mixture to freeze or squeeze the juices out in the mixture to freeze?
    Thanks 🙂

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