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Must Have Hair Tools

Must Have Hair Tools

Do you ever sit around wondering what ‘Must Have Hair Tools’ you need to create the hairstyles you are most obsessed with? I sure do! I have some serious obsessions with all kinds of hair styles. Just check out the amazing hair styles I have been pinning away on Pinterest 🙂

See? You have to be in the know about Must Have Hair Tools to create those looks! So for today, I wanted to share some of my favorites with y’all!

CONAIR CURLING IRON – $8.23 | First, that’s a savings of almost $8 bucks down from the drugstore so BONUS! This is one of my favorite curling irons, a 1 inch with a clamp although I rarely use the clamp I more so use this for loose curls to frame my face and the size is perfect.

SPORNETTE ROUND BRUSH – $8 | Need an at home blow out? Then you NEED this brush, it aids you in giving you an at home blow out worth a million bucks!

CONAIR INFINITI PRO HAIR DRYER – $34.99 | This is a pretty silly reason to love a blow dryer but the first and foremost reason is that it’s a fabulous color. Not just that though, the real reason is because it is absolutely amazing! One of the best that I have used and will achieve the best blow out results.

CONAIR XTREME HOT ROLLERS – $29.99 | Every girl needs hot rollers. Every single girl. I promise. The biggest benefit of this is that the damage to your hair is less significant then using a curling iron or a curling wand and you still get the perfect put together waves and curls.

KARMIN CURLING WAND – $129.95 | This gives you the best waves. I have a short angled bob and I am always looking to a curling wand for the perfect waves, you can check out my wavy bob tutorial to see what I mean.

VELCRO ROLLERS – $4.38 | These work well if you’re looking for simple waves. Just put them in damp or dry hair and they will go ahead and give you a bit of volume and a slight wave.

TEASING BRUSH – $4.79 | This is Jersey, ladies… and I love my teasing brush! This is gentle enough that it won’t ruin your hair while you’re teasing.

These are some of my must have hair tools, what are yours? Let Me Know! 
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  • Great list! I am pretty basic with hair tools (a brush and blow dryer), but I am sure these will all find their way into my home eventually with my 4 girls.

  • I will admit that I don’t often do a lot with my hair. I’m a ponytail girl but it’s also because I’m not sure which hair tools I actually need so thank you for sharing this list!

  • Mmm. Hot rollers. I had a set for a thousand years and they finally pooped out on me. It’s time for a new set, and these look nice!

  • I’m a pony tail and messy bun girl. There is a small part of me that wants to learn how to do more things with my hair. I finally bought a flat iron in May and love the look it gives me.

  • I was never any good at using hot rollers, which is a shame b.c I love the full look they give to hair. I still own my curling iron, but don’t use it anymore. I would pass out without access to my hair dryer and a diffuser to add curl to my hair. 🙂

  • I don’t have half of these hair tools – I really should invest in more of them. Most of the time, my styling routine is simple: blow dry with round brush and straighten. I’d like to try velcro rollers though!

  • My must-have hair tool is definitely my hair dryer (letting my hair air dry is just not an option) but I have to admit that I have never really found one that I am in love with. I’ll have to try out the conair infiniti pro!

  • Love this list! I have pretty long hair, so styling it can be a challenge sometimes. These product would definitely make it easier!

  • I need to be told what to use. I have no idea. I want to make my hair look great, but I am awful at it.

  • Would you believe that I’ve only used a hair dryer and round brush in this entire collection? I’m growing my hair out now so maybe I can experiment with the rest soon.

  • I have lots of tool for styling my hair, none of which am I great at using. I have been wanting to get a wand instead of using a curling iron. Everytime I go and get my hair styled they use one of those and it looks so much better then when I try at home.

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