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DIY Blowout Tips

DIY Blowout

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DIY Blowout

Blowouts are super popular and cult favorites for many women! I am one of those women for sure, I absolutely love getting my hair professionally blow dried, which is becoming increasingly easier with ‘dry bars’  popping up everywhere. I wanted to share some DIY blowout tips with y’all today because if we’re spending this type of money for our blowouts we obviously want them to last. Using these quick and easy diy blowouts tips allows me to keep the style for a few days and sometimes up to a week.

SUAVE MOROCCAN OIL  | You want to make sure that you’re using a product to prepare for a blowout. Use an oil on your hair from mid length right above the ears through your ends. You can use a pea size amount and comb through your hair to prepare it to maintain a blowout. In minimal amounts, you can use the moroccan oil throughout the week on your dry ends for a bit of shine.

TWISTBAND HEADBANDUse a headband to move the root of your hair away from your face when you’re washing your face at night. It’s super important to use an soft elastic headband like this to protect the roots because that is what will go lifeless first after a blowout. A twistband won’t dent or damage your style so it’s a quick fix.

TWISTBANDSLike the headband, twistbands won’t dent or pull your hair so it’s the perfect ponytail holder if you need one at any time, and will help extend the life of your blowout. You’ll want to use these before bed, pull your hair up in a high and loose ponytail and let it lie across the pillow rather then sleeping on it.

CONAIR INFINITI PROIf at any time your hair gets a bit wet before you’re ready to wash it, you’ll want to have a great blowdryer. Use it on cool to dry any parts that have gotten damp.

SILK PILLOWCASEYou’re wanting to prevent frizz and any snags during the night, your best bet is to sleep on a 100% silk pillowcase. This will help your hair stay frizz free even if you haven’t just gotten a blowout. A bonus is that it also helps your skin stay breakout free.

TANGLE TEEZERYou want a good brush to use to prevent tearing, snagging and knots while brushing through your blow out. The tangle teezer is awesome and is by far the best brush I have used. It’s super gentle on your hair and  glides through with ease through even the worst tangles.

DOVE DRY SHAMPOOA dry shampoo is an absolute must to extend the life your blowout. My favorite, from Dove… smells fab, adds volume, and breathes new life into otherwise dull hair. Spray this on your roots once or twice a day to keep your hair looking and feeling great.

NYM GIRL POWDERSo, it’s day three and you’ve started to lose a bit of volume but you’re not ready to wash just yet. Sprinkle some volumizing powder on your roots and comb through to add some volume to your hair, finish it off with a minimal amount of hairspray to have it hold.

SONIA KASHUK COUTURE SHOWER CAPEven though you don’t want to wash your hair, you obviously want to shower more then once a week so having a good shower cap on hand will help. pull your hair up in a high and loose ponytail using a twistband and put the shower cap on over top before you shower. Make sure that you (and this is important it’s killed my blowout before) dry your shoulders and chest before letting your hair down because you don’t want to get the ends wet.

What are your go to diy blowout tips & tricks?



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