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Green Tea Toner: The Gnarly Whale

Green Tea Toner

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Most of us have a very basic skincare routine, wash, dry, and maybe a lotion if we’re feeling like our skin is super dry. That’s just not enough. Do you find that your skin is extra oily even after cleansing, a tad too dry, or are your pores as large as the Grand Canyon (mine sure are) sometimes? Adding a skin toner into your daily skincare routine can help you combat some of these common skincare issues that we all face at one point or another. We’re gonna talk about Green Tea Toner today and by the end, you’ll want it in your hands!

I find that a lot of people ask “Do I really need a toner?” and the answer is absolutely! Here are just a few of the reasons why adding a toner to you daily skincare routine is beneficial for you.

  • “Shrinks” Your Pores – Truth is, no product can actually SHRINK your pores, and if they’re telling you it can, they’re lying BUT a toner can make your pores appear significantly smaller and that’s a win/win for us ladies; especially if you’re going for a flawless makeup look. Cleansing your skin ‘opens (enlarges)’ your pores, so using a toner will combat that.
  • Protects – A toner will add a layer of protection between your skin and the elements and even the makeup you’re applying, making it so that you’re less likely to break out.
  • Refresh – Hot day? Crazy workout session? Use a toner for a quick spritz to refresh and revitalize your skin when you’re on the go and can’t wash the oils and dirt from your skin right away.
  • Even Tone – A toner can be one of the best products in your routine if you’re looking to even out your skin tone and get rid of blemishes.
  • Brighten – Some toners, will combat the dullness of skin & help leave your skin not only feel refresh but look brighter!
  • Restore pH – Toners will help restore your skin to it’s normal pH balance range.

Green Tea Toner

When searching for a toner, I think it’s important to look into a natural option something that is not going to cause more harm then good in your routine. A non-drying toner is at the top of that list & add to that a toner that is made with green tea and you’re headed in the right direction. Here are a few benefits of using a Green Tea Toner & helpful hints on green tea for your skin overall.

  • Anti-Wrinkle – Green Tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that slow down of signs of aging when used in combination with a great moisturizer.
  • Dark Circles, No More! – Long night? Spritz on a green tea toner around your eyes before continuing with your daily routine and it will help aid in eliminating dark circles.
  • Flakes, Be Gone!– Use a green tea toner on your lips; after exfoliating and before applying lip balm to help keep your dried chapped lips at a minimum in the winter.

I’ve been lucky enough to be using the Gnarly Whale Green Tea Toner twice daily (sometimes more, if I’m working out) for almost three months and I am overjoyed with the results I have been seeing. Before I share my results with you, let me give you a little background: I have combination skin, I am very fair skinned and often show redness and an uneven skin tone, I don’t suffer from acne but I do breakout pretty regularly in two spots during a certain time of the month, and I am an insomniac so dark circles are part of my life whether I like it or not.

My Results

After just one week, my skin was evening out and my redness had almost completely diminished. At this point, my skin is completely evened out & the redness is always at a minimum.

I haven’t broken out since I began using this and if nothing else, that’s a reason to continue.
Whenever I find myself lacking sleep and in need of a pick me up to rid my eyes of those dark circles, this is my go to toner! It almost immediately lightens them up.


– Gentle, non-drying toner. Soothes and boosts the appearance of your skin with the powerful antioxidants found within green tea and the calming properties of chamomile. There is absolutely no alcohol in this toner, so if you suffer with sensitive skin you won’t have to worry. It’s completely vegan and 100% made from scratch.


– Simply spray on your face after cleansing it and let dry before applying your moisturizer or sun screen. You can also spritz it on a cotton ball and pat it on your skin in a upward and outward motion. It’s completely up to you! I prefer to just spritz it on, it’s super refreshing!

You can pick up the Green Tea Toner in ‘Natural’, ‘Lemon’, or for the adventurous ‘Choose Your Own Scent’ : I’m thinking Lavender would make for an awesome addition to my nightly routine and maybe help me to fall asleep!


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