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10 Tips For Straight and Shiny Hair

tips for straight and shiny hair tips

straight and shiny hair tips

In need of some tips for straight and shiny hair? You’ve come to the right place! Ever since I was a little girl I have had stick straight hair, no volume no wave, no curl just straight and fine so I need to find ways to work with what I had. I eventually went with an inverted bob style, you can check out my wavy bob tutorial if you’re interested so for this post I want to first say a huge thank you to the lovely Taylor, from Pink Heels Pink Truck for the use of her hair to make this graphic!

As ladies, we are always wanting to keep our hair shiny and sometimes depending on the products you use it can be a difficult task for someone with super straight hair and little volume to find a balance between ‘shiny’ & ‘oily’ so here are ten tips for straight and shiny hair that have helped me!

SULFATE FREE SHAMPOO| You want to find a shampoo that lathers less, I know that sounds a bit crazy but shampoos loaded with moisturizing products can leave your hair with a ton of build up and will make it look more dirty and dull then anything else. Grabbing a clarifying shampoo will help keep your hair shiny. You’ll want to use this once weekly in combination with your other products.

HEAT PROTECTANT| With straight hair, you may be overusing your blow dryer or flat iron in order to keep down the frizz or even a curling iron to add some wave to your hair. You’ll need to be sure that you’re using a heat protectant  so you’re not causing unneeded damage to your hair.

DRY SHAMPOO| This will help to keep your hair shiny in between washes, make sure you’re finding one that isn’t going to leave you with a crazy white residue. Dove is my fave!

MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER| If you’re looking to cut down on frizz in your straight hair adding a shampoo and conditioner with added moisture will do the trick.

DIVIDE YOUR HAIR| When using your flat iron, to get that super straight look (this will work for curly hair women too) you’ll want to divide and conquer to get the best results. You can use clips or pins to separate your hair and iron in sections.

COLD| Use your blow dryer on cold; This does a few things, cuts down on frizz, doesn’t cause damage with heat, and will help to set any products your using.

MAYO MASK| If this sounds gross, it’s because it is BUT it works fabulously, I promise. Smear the mayo onto dry hair, wrap your hair in a towel or plastic bag and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cool water. This will add some bonus shine to your hair.

OILS| Argan, macadamia, moroccan are all oils that will add shine to your hair when used on wet or dry hair. I recommend only applying these to the ends of your hair and staying away from the roots. This will leave you with shiny locks.

GET A TRIM| Get your hair trimmed once every 6 weeks, it promotes growth and shine!

DRINK MORE WATER| This is great for your health and a bonus for shiny hair!


What are your favorite tips for shiny and straight hair?


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