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How To Contour


How To Contour

Am I the only one who has sat around forever trying to figure out just how to contour…? I know I can’t be. I think it really became crazy when Kim Kardashian posted that Instagram photo, making every go crazy for highlighting and contouring. Here’s the thing, learning how to contour is not hard at all, I promise. It’s all about finding the products that work best for you, are easy to apply, and provide you with a natural looking contour. Your contour should be light, and look like it is just the sun casting shadows on your skin in different ways, the chiseled look is not cute. You want to come up with your own way of doing it as well, what works best for YOU may not work best for everyone else. This is what works for me and on a few girlfriends! Try it out and see if it works for you 🙂

Over the years I have tried countless products in my highlighting and contouring routine but I think at this point I have the perfect products to achieve the perfect HAC. I have to say, the Maybelline Fit Me sticks are mind blowingly awesome & I never would have thought to use them for this but I watched a random you tube video from SMLxo and she used these and I grabbed some and it has been love ever since. Let me show you how to contour with my favorite products!

FOUNDATION TO MATCH SKINTONE || MAYBELLINE FIT ME SHINE FREE FOUNDATION STICK || $8.99 –  You want to start with a foundation that is the same color or a shade lighter than your skin tone. I go with a shade lighter because I half use it as foundation and half as part of a highlight.  This Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation’s anti-shine core has ultra-lightweight powders built in to instantly dissolve oil. The gel stick formula goes on creamy, blends easily, and transforms to a matte powder finish.

FOUNDATION DARKER THAN SKINTONE || MAYBELLINE FIT ME SHINE FREE FOUNDATION STICK || $8.99 – I went with the darkest shade they had in this for my actual ‘contour’ color which is something that is nowhere close to my skin tone so that’s why it’s perfect to contour with and the fact that it’s a matte finish and a cream makes it easier to use than what you find with a powder bronzer. Although in the summer, I will almost absolutely apply a powder bronzer on top of this! This is Jersey, 😉

HIGHLIGHTING CONCEALER || MAYBELLINE DREAM LUMI TOUCH HIGHLIGHTING CONCEALER || $7.99 – Can you marry a makeup item? If you can, I’m proposing to this baby. This will give you the perfect highlight, swearsies! Experience a brighter idea in concealers. Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer’s gel-based formula diffuses light like no other, so it illuminates as it covers imperfections, for instantly brighter looking skin.

FLAT TOP BRUSH  ||  SONIA KASHUK FLAT BRUSH || $17 – This is going to be your go to brush for blending all of your products together! Simply use it in a stippling motion and you’re good to go.

BEAUTY SPONGE  ||  BEAUTY BLENDER  || – I use this to blend my highlight and it’s a great tool! Achieve the same flawless finish with all makeup formulations. Now in a chic black, the BeautyBlender Pro has the same suede texture as the original. With unique curves that fit the contours of your face, it leaves your makeup dazzling and undetectable.

BLUSH || Similar To The Discontinued Elf Blush || – 

ANGLED BRUSH || ELF ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH || $3 – You’ll want this smaller brush to go ahead and blend in your products around your eyes and nose. This Taklon Brush Can Be Used With Wet Or Dry Products. Be A Professional Makeup Artist And Create A Flawless Look With This E.L.F. Studio Brush! Creates Mistake-Proof Eye Color Contouring. Applies Color With Accuracy And Comfort. Use To Apply Base Eyeshadow And Crease Eyeshadow.

SETTING POWDER  || NYC LOOSE POWDER (TRANSLUCENT) || $3 – You absolutely need a setting powder and this is one of the best!! If you can still find it in stores, grab it! They no longer make it so if you’re in need of another I love this one here as well!

how to contour


Seriously, this is the easiest way for me to show y’all how to achieve the perfect highlight and contour. You’re going to want to apply your contour (the darker shade) around your temple, down the sides of your face and nose, the hollows of your cheeks and a bit to your chin neck area. Then take your highlighter & the foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. You want to  apply the light foundation straight down your nose, up into your forehead, under your eyes in a triangular shape, around the outer part of your nose, and directly into your cupids bow and your chin! I then take my highlighter and apply a thin coat ON TOP of the light colored foundation into my tzone, a bit under my eyes, cupids bow and chin. (Side note, I also apply it to my brow so I don’t have to do it with eyeshadow later.) The blush will obviously go onto the apples of your cheek and your cheekbones. It’s that easy!

As far as applying your regular foundation first, you are absolutely welcomed to do so. I don’t because I find that the blending of the two cream sticks or powdered products and the highlighter give me more then enough coverage. I do start off with a brightening makeup primer as my base but that’s about it!




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