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No Excuses Workout Series – Full Body Workout #1

Welcome to the New Workout Series…NO EXCUSES. Each month I will post a workout that you can do practically anywhere. With very minimal equipment (if any) so that there are NO EXCUSES. No gym membership required here. So let’s get to this month’s workout…

No Excuses Workout Series 1


 Note: Please consult with a physician prior to engaging in any kind of exercise regimen. It’s better to get the okay from your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine…you want to make sure your body can handle the stress of exercise.

Warm up: 5-10 minutes (treadmill, stairs, walking, running..whatever you can do to warm-up)
Squat press: (Grab some dumbbells or a resistance band) Stand hip width apart. Hold onto your dumbbells or resistance band at shoulder level, palms facing forward. Squat down. Pay attention to where your knees are. Don’t let them go over your toes. You want to get down to about 90 degrees at the knee joint. Keep your belly button pulled into toward your spine (core tight) during the entire movement. As you stand up, push your arms above your head. When you come back into the squat, bring your hands back to shoulder level.
Half Lunge with one arm row: Grab a dumbbell. Set yourself up into a half lunge. Front leg in lunge, back leg straight. (It would be a full lunge if you bent your back knee) Rest your same elbow on your front knee (so if your right leg is forward, rest your right elbow on your knee). Dangle your opposite arm down in front of you with the dumbbell. You should be hinged forward at the hips (pretend you are going to pick something up off the floor). Pull the arm up, leading with your elbow, up towards the ceiling. Palm facing towards the center of your body. Make sure that shoulder blade is pulling towards your spine. Pretend you have a pencil resting on your spine (parallel). Try and get your shoulder blade to pinch that pencil. Relax your arm back down. Don’t forget to keep your core tight (belly button towards your spine)! Repeat on both sides.
Plank Jacks: Get in a Pushup Position. Make sure your core is tight. Stabilize your shoulders/arms. Now start performing a jumping jack with your legs.
2 min jump rope
Repeat 3xs

Lunge kickback: Perform a stationary rear lunge (lunge backwards). As you stand back up, perform a rear kick. (Basically raise your back leg behind you and squeeze your butt at the same time). Repeat on both sides.
Push-ups: Either regular or modified on your knees.
Mountain Climbers: Get in a Pushup Position. Make sure your core is tight. Stabilize your shoulders/arms. Bring one knee towards the outside of your same side shoulder. Repeat on both sides, alternating.
1 min High Knees: This is like jogging in place except your goal is to bring your knees up as high as you can.
1 min Jumping Jacks
Repeat 3xs

Squat with side leg lift: Same squat position as the first one. Squat down. When you stand back up, center your weight over to one leg and raise your opposite leg out to the side. (Side leg lift). Make sure your toe stays pointing forward. Alternate both sides.
Bicep curls: (Grab some dumbbells or resistance band) Stand comfortably, feet about hip width apart. Arms down by your side, palms facing forward. Curl your arms up towards your shoulders and then release back down towards starting position. (Bend at the elbow)
Torso twists: Sit down on the floor. Grab a dumbbell. Bend your knees and slightly lean back. Make sure your core is tight!! Protect your back! Hold your dumbbell in front of you, close to your body. Twist to the left and then to the right. Repeat.
2 min Jump Rope
Repeat 3xs
Cool down (and Stretch!)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! Want training advice, ask that stuff too? Don’t want to leave a public comment, send me an email…pinkheelspinktruck(at)gmail(dot)com. Want some life/health coaching? I’ve got a 12-week program for you!


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