Urban Decay Naked3 Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

Urban Decay Naked3

Not gonna lie, I had this bought and paid for probably 30 seconds after it went live on Urban Decay’s website the first time. The {highly coveted} Urban Decay Naked3 Palette is absolutely stunning. From the time the rumors started that Urban Decay was releasing another palette in the Naked line and that it would be rose-gold shades my heart started to flutter like a little kid on Christmas about to open the gift they’ve been waiting all year for. In all honesty, this palette is something I have been waiting my whole life for. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Naked palette, Naked2 I could have done without, LOVED Naked Basics but still wasn’t perfect for me. I wanted something that I could use every color in and being a fair skinned (like Casper white) girl with blue eyes… rose gold shades are my BEST FRIENDS. The Urban Decay Naked3 palette does not disappoint, call it a home run, call it holy grail, call it whatever you want just go get you one! It’s currently out-of-stock from Urban Decay but you can sign up for emails for when it’s launched again && it’s currently live at Sephora right now so run and grab it because the first two launches sold out instantly and & I don’t foresee this being any different.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

Naked3 is 12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN rose -hued shades, from pale pinks to a matte black with red micro glitters that I was sort of afraid of when pictures were first released but pale ladies, fear not.. it’s perfect!  It’s nothing like Naked 1 or 2, so that’s probably why I love it so freaking much. I just can’t stop staring. Urban Decay brings us these shades in a DURABLE, gorgeous, and fun metal case with it’s own rose gold tone. As always, with all of Urban Decay shadows they’re pigmented, smooth and of fabulous quality. I’d expect nothing less from this brand but I need to say, they really shocked me quality wise from the shadows to the case they hit it out of the park! The shades are going to compliment all skin tones incredibly, there is something for everyone for sure.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette


The first 6 shades are what sold this palette for me, if there was EVER a chance that I wouldn’t have put out the money, I couldn’t resist it because these are perfection. You can see just how pale I am, so rocking darker shades makes me look racoonish and more often then not like a prostitute so I stay very close to paler shades!

STRANGE || A pale neutral pink matte-satin that I think will be perfect for anyone to use as an inner corner & brow highlight!

DUST || A pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter. This one has major fall out issues but if you work with it and put it on top of a primer (I used lip balm) it holds it own. Fall out or not, it’s probably my favorite shade in the collection. It really makes blue eyes pop!

BURNOUT || A light pinky-peach satin, that’s so subtle it’s barely there. This is the perfect shade for a neutral everyday look, it will compliment green and brown eyes most I think.

LIMIT || A light dusty rose matte. I could not be more excited that this is a matte shade, it blends so well and seriously looks gorgeous!

BUZZ  || A metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter is going to be the perfect all over lid color for us paler gals and probably a highlight for anyone with any sort of color to them at. Unlike Dust, the glitter in this one stays where it should & I didn’t experience any fallout.

TRICK || A light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle. Ok… I know all the Naked palettes have shadows with catchy names but this for some reason is my favorite. I’m also loving the shade and from what I have seen not many others are and they think it’s falling too much onto the orange side but I feel like if you have a light hand you can get away with a nice copper shadow.

Urban Decay Naked3


The last 6 shades in the Urban Decay Naked3 palette lean toward the darker side of the spectrum but still will work for most skin tones, even in the darkest form you can rock it as a liner!

NOONER || A medium pinky-brown matte is absolutely stunning and will definitely be one of my most used shades in the palette, I’m sure.

LIAR || A medium metallic mauve shimmer. This color is super fun and will do great as crease shade for anyone!

FACTORY || A pinky-brown satin that is so pretty I can’t even stand it! I am obsessing over this shade.

MUGSHOT || metallic taupe shimmer with a slight pink shift. This baby is so rich in color and will lend itself beautifully to quite a few smokey eyes in your future.

DARKSIDE || A deep taupe-mauve satin. This one leans more towards a chocolately color and I’ll be using it as a soft liner for sure.

BLACKHEART || A smoky black matte w/rosy red micro-sparkle. I was so scared of this color like I said when I first started seeing photos of this palette but the rosy sparkle goes a long way and makes this more wearable for me.

I think it is safe to say that I am absolutely in love with the Urban Decay Naked3 palette and for fear of abusing it I think I need to get my hands on another one as a back up!! The palette also comes with a fantastic double ended brush for easy application! Like I said, you can grab it from Urban Decay (as soon as it’s back in stock, grab one from Sephora or get one in store on or about the 11th of this month!

If you’re looking for an awesome tutorial to go along with your palette, I’ve got some suggestion for you!

PHYRRA’S URBAN DECAY NAKED3 BLACKHEART TUTORIAL  - She hits this out of the park, and makes me just a little more confident that I can rock Blackheart!!

Not wanting to spend the big bucks but still need some of these shades in your life? Check out this AMAZING dupe from Beauty By Arielle!!

Giveaway Urban Decay Naked3 Palette Swatches 2

*CLOSED* THE WINNER HAS BEEN NOTIFIED & HAS CLAIMED THEIR PRIZE! Just can’t get your hands on one? Lucky for YOU, the lovely Casey from Beauty101Blog & I grabbed an extra one so we could give one away!  Enter the Rafflecopter below for you chance to win! Good luck!

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  1. Buzz. It just looks gorgeous!

  2. I really love the Dust shade …. it looks like pixie dust!! I want this palette so badly!

  3. Dust is my favorite, it’s a beautiful and unique color!

  4. I think Nooner and Strange would be an interesting color combination. Maybe add in a little trick. :D

  5. This whole set is amazing! My favorite color is Dust !!

  6. April Fistler says:

    Love the Buzz color!! This is an amazing palette!!! I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance! :)

  7. Ugh, which shades DON’T I like! I really want to dig into Liar, Mugshot, Buzz, Dust, Burnout…
    Also, LOVE the blog you’re collabing with! I would have never found her otherwise, so thank you for that!

  8. Trick… all day all day <3

  9. I love the last color, it looks perfect as a “fold” color, hiding in the crease to make the eye look deeper.

  10. I’m lusting after this palette, even though I was never enamored with the first two. I’m fair with pink undertones, and I think it will be perfect! Must win!!!

  11. melody brown says:

    I think my fav of this would be Burnout.

  12. Thank you so much for such an awesome and generous giveaway!! I personally love the shade LIAR…it’s stunningly gorgeous and would be a versatile shade for me. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!!

  13. mugshot is my fav :)

  14. cheridene boucher says:

    i love LIAR

  15. Buzz is my favorite shade! So gorgeous!!

  16. Dust is my overall favorite! Mugshot is my favorite of the darker shades.

  17. Donna Martin says:

    I like nooner and factory

  18. I think a combination of liar and mugshot would make a great smokey eye for my skin one!

  19. I love dust and blackheart

  20. I’m not fibbing – I love Liar!

  21. Trick is my favorite color!

  22. I love the darkside :P

  23. Thanks for this giveaway I want to get this palette so bad I’ve never tried any of the naked palettes so I hope I win :)
    My favorite colour from the swatches is mugshot! :)

  24. Love the “nooner” with some “darkside” blended in for an evening look. The Naked 3 pallet overall has really beautiful shades!

  25. I think I’m in love with liar! beautiful shade! love this naked palette!

  26. Debra Grice says:

    I really love dust, buzz, trick they look perfect for every day wear!!

  27. Dust is my fav!


  28. Marta Morales López says:

    darkside or blackhearted :D

  29. Factory looks awesome!

  30. I think Trick is my favorite!

  31. I really like Burnout. Sooooooo pretty!

  32. I have several favorites burnout, trick, mugshot but am really anxious to see how trick looks in person!!

  33. I like lighter shades so if I gotta pick it would be dust. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. Stevie Raye says:

    My favorite color is Nooner. Because it is so versatile. I would be able to mix it with other colors, or use it alone in my crease and call it a day!

  35. I love Burnout :)

  36. Melissa B says:

    I love the rose colors and the gold!

  37. Sarah McGill says:

    I love the dust shade it’s so pretty!!

  38. Liar is such a pretty shade!Xx

  39. If I *have* to choose, I’d say Mugshot is my favorite!

  40. Laura Johnson says:

    Limit and Liar, both are so pretty.

  41. Stefanee Glass says:

    I love dust!

  42. Kaitlin Jarboe says:

    Black heart is so unique, absolutely gorgeous!

  43. Angela (@MomieLady) says:

    My favorite color is Buzz :)

  44. As a green eyed girl, I want this SO bad! I just discovered the beauty of rose gold eyeshadow this year (CoverGirl’s Mink is my quick and easy #1 go to…)

  45. Darkside is my favorite!!

  46. I love all the shades but I guess I love Mugshot the most! :D

  47. Oh! I love them all! But I have a preference for the darker ones, specially Mugshot and Darkside, sooo sultry :)

  48. dust or trick!

  49. Angela Randall says:

    My favorite color is Liar! The whole palette is gorgeous!

  50. Dust looks gorgeous!

  51. Michelle H. says:

    I like Dust and Trick.

  52. Carolina B says:

    I think trick is a lovely color! x

  53. Dust and Buzz are my favorites, but they all look amazing!

  54. Love darkside :)

  55. I’m with you, those first 6 shades!! Totally my colors. I love dust and burnout. Can’t wait to try them all out!

  56. I’m excited to try out the color Trick :)

  57. Irene Hernandez says:

    I really like BUZZ but to be honest they are all very pretty colors I cant wait to try them all out

  58. Wyn Lagare says:

    I love trick, it will look gorgeous on my asian skin tone as an everyday shadow…will work well with hundreds of other shades too, to create anything from nude to smoky and everything in between!

  59. I really like Limit.

  60. Dust and Trick look gorgeous, but it’s a tough choice!

  61. I like the mugshot shade. Very pretty!

  62. Sara Hanvey says:

    I love Liar and Burnout! What a great combo of shades!

  63. Liar is gorgeous, would look great on anyone!

  64. Liar. Mugshot and Dust are my favorite. I can’t pick just one! How lucky that you were able to snag one up for yourself!

    I really like the 2nd release (as it better suits my olive skin).

    I’d LOVE to win this for Christmas and my 30th in early January!

  65. Nelda Gay says:

    I love Trick and Liar..but I love them all!

  66. Buzz looks like a great color!

  67. ana m vazquez says:

    love the Liar!!!

  68. Melissa E. says:

    Factory looks like a perfect not-to-dark shade that I have a hard time finding


  70. Mugshot!

  71. I want it!!! So gorgeous. I love Liar and Factory.

  72. I love them all but Dust is awesome.

  73. liar looks gorgeous!

  74. Ohhhh I really like Dust. It is so sparkly and gorgeous!

  75. “Trick” is so, so beautiful! Perfectly shimmery.

  76. Theyre all great, but Liar is my favorite

  77. Sarah Wynne says:

    My favorite color is trick!

  78. I love Buzz!!! And Factory too! :)

  79. Loving the buzz shade, they’re all gorgeous!

  80. I think I will love them all, but Nooner looks amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  81. My favorite color in the palette is Blackheart. I don’t have a color like that right now. Yar!

  82. They are all so lovely, especially burnout…

  83. Love Buzz and Burnout!

  84. blackheart

  85. Trying to get my hands on one of these!!

  86. Teresa Le says:

    I really like dust! Perfect shade.

  87. Black heart! So pretty!

  88. i’m loving these colors!

  89. My fave color is factory. I am in love with this set!

  90. Oh my goodness…too much fabulousness to decide….I love dust or trick! Both just perfect!

  91. Liar is my fav!

  92. Emily Potts says:

    my favorite one is strange! you can do anything with a good highlight!

  93. Stacey Lehwald says:

    Dust and Liar . . .although the whole palette is great!

  94. Blackheart all the way

  95. I love dust and trick!

  96. dust!

  97. Devin Mataya says:

    What beautiful colors! I’m a pale girl with blue eyes myself and this’ll be perfect!

  98. beth pianezza says:

    Dust is my favorite

  99. Limit is my favorite shade!

  100. Gorgeous colors!

  101. dust and trick for me….. thanks for the amazing giveaway!!
    Happy Christmas and New Year in advance *-*

  102. I love the dust color!!!

  103. LOVE THIS, favorite shade is Dust.

  104. Paula Willbanks says:

    I think Liar is probably my favorite color.

  105. My favorite is “Liar”!

  106. Mugshot looks perfect!

  107. Alexa Staples says:

    Liar & strange. Love them.

  108. I love duuuuuuuuust!!!!

  109. eunna chae says:

    i like Dust , Trick and Mugshot ~
    thank’s for this giveaway ~ this is our dream palette :3

  110. I love rose gold! The darker shades look beautiful.

  111. Erica Alls says:

    They’re all my favorite! As a super pale white girl I’m looking forward to having shades that will work with my skintone! Most colors make me look deathly pale with sunk in eyes. Squee for the new Naked pallette!!!!

  112. Blackheart looks like a great liner!

  113. I love Liar & Dust :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  114. Sara Wagner says:

    My favorite color is Dust.

  115. Meghan Hernandez says:

    Liar looks gorgeous!

  116. Love mugshot! It’s just enough and can be used in so many different looks!

  117. Moira McCarthy says:


  118. Love them all but I can see myself using Burnout and Blackheart a lot. Love those!

  119. Samantha L says:

    I love the liar and dust colors! So pretty!!

  120. I have been dying to get this Naked pallet for so long. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I love Liar and Mugshot.

  121. Angi Smith says:

    NOONER and TRICK! UD just knew those shades from Naked and Naked2 were not right for my supercool, rosy undertones! I think they designed Naked3 for ME! LOL!!!

  122. I love liar the most. Good luck to everyone!

  123. I like the color “dust”. Thank you!

  124. Dust, it looks gorgeous!

  125. My favorite is probably Dust! :)

  126. Mine has to be Buzz! :-D

  127. Buzz!! I love that coppery color!

  128. Broncomom says:

    Seeing this beautiful palette makes my makeup artist creativity wheels turn :)

  129. I love the Dust color! Thanks for the chance! :)

  130. The shade ‘Liar’ is gorgeous! (:

  131. Found this blog via pintrest :) So excited for Naked 3!!

  132. I love Burnout & Liar — would love to combine them!

  133. I love Nooner!!

  134. I’m so interested in this palette, more so than the Naked 2! I love the original Naked. Thanks for the good thorough review and giveaway!

  135. I love Liar!

  136. I think liar is my favorite shadow in this new palette!

  137. I too love the whole thing, but I think Darkside has to be my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway

  138. rabia akhter says:

    i love LIAR

  139. I’ve been looking for a shadow like Nooner for so long.

  140. Sirbu Miruna says:

    I like the color BURNOUT . Thank you!

  141. Vânia Madureira says:


  142. This whole palette looks gorgeous, but I think I’m looking forward to Dust the most.

  143. Limit is my fave. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. I’m loving “Dust”, “Mugshot”, & “Blackheart”!

  145. Anne Consolacion says:

    I am loving Factory. Perfect for a not too dark smokey eyes. :)

  146. I love Mugshot!!

  147. Dust looks like such an amazing shade, they all do :D xxxx

  148. Mugshot looks gorgeous!

  149. BlackAsphodel says:

    I like Darkside, Blackheart, Nooner, Strange and Limit. I prefer matte colors.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  150. Buzz is my favorite! they are all so pretty!

  151. I like mugshot.

  152. Nooner looks gorgeous and versatile.

  153. tiffany hong says:

    So excited!

  154. tiffany hong says:

    Love dust!

  155. Andrea Darst says:

    Hard to choose just one but I do love Liar

  156. Love the shade ‘Dust’

  157. Dust

  158. Mugshot and Blackheart look awesome! I wish I owned a Naked palette. All three look so awesome!

  159. Dust is my fav shade.. :)

  160. Burnout

  161. Because this would be a gift for my teenage daughters … anything but Nooner and Liar!

  162. Thank the makeup gods for Urban Decay! Liar is my favorite color!

  163. Maggie Wallace says:

    I love everything in it but my favorite would have to be the dust!

  164. “Liar” would make my blue eyes pop :)

  165. Johanna Romero says:

    I love the colors on this palette. I’m already a naked palette fan and would love to try have this one too.

  166. I would be so excited to try this palette! Buzz is my favorite.

  167. Eirini Barbati says:

    I love liar!

  168. Sarah Grace says:

    My favorite color is Trick and second favorite color is Liar.

  169. Mugshot is my favorite.

  170. Chrystal Johnson says:

    mugshot looks perfect!

  171. Georgia Karantani says:

    Dust is my fave!

  172. I only wear Urdan Decay eyeshadows. The BEST. I love darkhorse. I love them all.

  173. Such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

    xo, Christina

  174. I can’t decide between dust, liar, and mugshot! All so pretty!

  175. My favorite color in the palette is buzz! So pretty!

  176. Alice Beerland says:

    Loved Dust!!

  177. Liar is my favorite. Love the sheen!

  178. All the colours are so gorgeous. If I had to.select just one, I would say it had to be Liar. Such a beautiful colour.

  179. Darkside looks gorgeous!

  180. I love ‘liar’. I am loving my original Naked palette, so this would be a wonderful upgrade! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  181. I love buzz & trick!

  182. Love LIAR! I think it’s so pretty :)

  183. My favorite color is definitely the Factory but I like so many of these colors (this color scheme is so ME)… it’s hard to pick one as a favorite. Good Luck to everyone – This is an awesome MUST HAVE.

  184. I think burnout would be my fav! Thanks for hosting this, girlfriend!

  185. I love the color dust. I love a pink with some glitter. Automatically brightens up my also pale face!

  186. I love dust and trick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. lovin the nooner shade!

  188. I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for this palette! These are the shades I love most!

  189. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    Trick is my favorite but so many are pretty.

  190. I love LIAR!
    thanks for giveway!

  191. Hannah Hostetler says:

    I love nooner! i don’t have many matte colors and I think that would be the perfect color for me!

  192. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I like Buzz.

  193. Blackheart is definitely my fav colour!

  194. Dust or Liar!

  195. Dust!

  196. Chelsea McMath says:

    The color Liar is gorgeous!

  197. Kathy Schultz says:

    Mugshot would be my go to color!

  198. i like Dust

  199. Buzz or Liar ;O

  200. I really like the Mugshot one :-D

  201. Burnout!

  202. I am loving Darkside! It looks like it would make a lovely smokey eye look!

  203. Cat Lemons says:

    amazing giveaway! hope i win!

  204. I am in awe of this palette, all the shadows are gorgeous! I think my favorite is Nooner, but it’s so hard to pick just one!

  205. I love this whole set!! I think blackheart will make a gorgeous liner.

  206. i like darkside

  207. Laura Davis says:

    Nooner, good for blue eyes :)

  208. Asta Sillanmikko says:

    I like Trick, Mugshot and Blackheart. Actually they all look amazing, lol.

  209. Factory

  210. I like Buzz

  211. Jennifer Dysart says:

    I love Dust!

  212. Liar & Dust. Sooo pretty!

  213. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    I love Dust :)

  214. I like liar.

  215. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love Liar!

  216. Black heart looks stunning:)

  217. My favorite color is Dust

  218. LIAR is my favorite color in the N3 Palette! Thanks for hosting.

  219. I love the shade, Dust.

  220. My favorite color in the palette is Buzz! :)

  221. Marta Fotopoulou says:

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway and the chance to win such an amazing palette! All shades are gorgeous, of course, but Nooner is my favourite! :)

  222. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like dust

  223. Tempted to try it again when my dry eye lid situation is worked out. lol My ulta had them stacked on a shelf!

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