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If you’ve been around this little blog of mine for awhile then you are all too aware of how I feel about drugstore products, I would much rather browse aimlessly wander the aisles of my local Walgreens, CVS, & Rite Aide for hours upon hours searching for just the right product before ever spending $$$ on high end products, while I don’t completely discredit high end (check out my favorites here) there is just something about getting an amazing quality product for practically nothing. Which brings me to SUAVE, a brand that I have trusted and loved since I was a teenager. They’ve got everything you need for all of your hair and body needs. Whether it be a styling product or a moisturizing lotion, I know that I can 100% count on SUAVE! I want to share with you some of the products I have been using and loving lately!

SUAVE PROFESSIONALS MOROCCAN INFUSION STYLING OIL || $5.69 || I have about 10 bottles of this stuff, and I have even given some to friends since I am so obsessed with it. This is the first styling oil that actually did what it was supposed to for me without leaving my hair actually looking oily.

SUAVE PROFESSIONALS DRY SHAMPOO || $3.99 || One of the best on the market that definitely rivals more high end versions. I’ve tried each of the Suave Dry Shampoo’s and haven’t met one that I didn’t like. They are superb!

SUAVE PROFESSIONALS TOUCHABLE LIGHTWEIGHT HOLD HAIRSPRAY || $2.88 || I use hairspray like it’s my job, I am always teasing my hair to add in some volume and this hairspray fits right into my routine and leaves your hair still looking soft instead of hard and crunchy. Definitely a win!

SUAVE PROFESSIONALS 24-HOUR PROTECTION POWDER DEODORANT || $2.49 || I am always reaching for SUAVE deodorant, it just gets the job done & is super affordable so that’s a bonus!

SUAVE PROFESSIONALS SKIN SOLUTIONS ADVANCED THERAPY BODY LOTION || $2.54 || If you’re looking for more bang for your buck, this moisturizer is definitely for you! You can get so much use out of it, and be left with baby soft skin. I use it before towel drying after I shower and again before bed and it has really helped to get rid of my dry skin!


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