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Makeup For Beginners


Beginners Makeup Kit


Hi friends! After covering Skincare for Beginners and receiving such great feedback I got to thinking that not everyone knows where to start when it comes to certain things. One of those things being makeup! I thought a Makeup for Beginners was just the right way to get all of you newbies started. If you’re just breaking out into the world of makeup things can get super overwhelming! I’ve been there & while I can go on and on & share my drugstore makeup kit and a high-end kit they’re probably more for people who already have the basics down and are just looking for awesome products to add to their makeup bags. For anyone who is overwhelmed when it comes to makeup and just has no clue where to start these products are an awesome start.

When you’re just starting out makeup probably isn’t something that you want to spend hundreds on. Rather then get discouraged by the hundreds of products to choose from, you can grab this list of favorites for right around $50!

MAYBELLINE BB CREAM  //  $8.99  //  This is something that I absolutely think would be perfect for a makeup for beginners kit! For me it has great coverage from medium to full and really works well on combination skin. You can use this as a BB cream before foundation but I completely condone using it as your foundation as I do it often & get just the right coverage. I apply with my fingers and rub it in, in circular motions outward & upward on my face.

COVERGIRL CLEAN GLOW BRONZER  //  $6.99 // If you’re not a bronzer girl then you can definitely feel free to skip this BUT I heart bronzer so I had to add it. Contouring is a huge part of my beauty routine and you definitely need some sort of bronzing product to do that and give your skin that sun kissed glow. I recommend using this with an angled contour brush right below your cheek bone and out to your ear, your temples and a little on your nose. Not sure how to contour? You can check my How To: Highlighting & Contouring post to get a better idea! I use cream products in the post but it can definitely work the same with powder.

MILANI LIQUID EYE  //  $6.99 // A good black eyeliner is something that should always be in your makeup bag. This one is perfection. It glides on perfectly and has really great staying power!

ELF BRUSH SET  //  $12 (CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $9.60) // Seriously every brush you would ever need to get started in is this set! From eyeshadow brushes to foundation you get everything you need and then some. This is super affordable so it’s a pretty impressive collection for a first time brush buyer!

BH COSMETICS FOREVER NUDE MAKEUP PALETTE  //  $21 (ON SALE FOR $11.95) // This little palette is divine! You get eyeshadows, blush, lip color and even a highlighter! With all of those products it’s great bang for your buck and can almost give you a complete look!

WET N WILD MEGA PLUMP MASCARA  //  $3.99 //  Of course you’re going to want a mascara and I find that one that gives you volume makes it easier to wear just mascara and gets rid of the need for falsies. This is great for a beginner!

I hope you find this post helpful and if you need any other help, please don’t hesitate to ask!! Makeup for beginners does not need to be hard and you can easily achieve a great look for day or night with as few as six products.

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