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Taya Amazon White Clay Collection Review

PRESS SAMPLES Taya Amazon White Clay Collection Review
Adds body, richness and thickness to fine, thin, lifeless hair? Sign me up! Ever since I was a little girl I have had baby fine hair and I certainly don’t make the situation any better by chemically treating it or using heat tools so when I come across a product that can help put some oomph back into my hair, I’m all about it. The Taya Amazon White Clay collection promises to do all the right things for fine hair! I was excited to try them out, if it’s going to help me cut down on the time I take each day to tease this hair to Jesus then I definitely want to look into it!

Taya is a line that I hadn’t previously heard about so I went straight to the source to find a bit more out. All TAYA products are formulated free of sulfates, parabens, animal products, and animal testing. TAYA products embody those unique combinations of the rainforest’s botanical treasures that have been passed down from mother to daughter….. for untold generations. All indigenous rainforest botanical ingredients are sourced through environmentally sustainable programs which are free of toxic and agrochemical agents, or genetically modified elements, and where the local communities directly benefit from their harvests and conservation efforts. I was definitely intrigued by the ingredients and ready to try everything out! The Taya Amazon White Clay collection has the same key ingredients for each product: Amazon White Clay. extracts of Croton Lechleri Resin and Raw Avocado Oil. They all equally smell AMAZING!

Taya Amazon White Clay Shampoo & Conditioner
Taya Amazon White Clay thickening shampoo ($22) & thickening shampoo ($20) – I’ve definitely been one to admit that I will pull out the big bucks for a shampoo and conditioner if they’re worth it even if I think the price is a bit high for this drugstore loving girl. This is a combo I’d put the money out for. Both the shampoo and conditioner are formulated with Amazon White Clay, extracts of Croton Lechleri Resin and Raw Avocado Oil to help expand, thicken, and infuse body and fullness to every hair strand. I’ve tried a lot of shampoo and conditioners that promise to give you body and most times they fall short but for these two gems, I did notice that after letting my hair air dry there seemed to be a bit of an extra oomph in it’s usually lifeless appearance. The shampoo leaned on the thicker side but gave off a pretty nice lather and rinsed out easily you just have to use the tiniest amount because it’s so thick that using more will leave you with wasted product everywhere. The conditioner got the job done and doesn’t appear to leave you with any sort of build up and was a lot thinner then it’s shampoo sister!

Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Hair Spray
Taya Amazon White Clay thickening hair spray ($24) – I’m an aerosol, purple can of Aquanet kind of gal so I’m never really sure how to appropriately use sprays like this but I decided to give it a try. Taya says it provides a long lasting, strong, yet flexible hold, that helps create natural, movable, healthy looking styles, while helping to expand, enrich and infuse body and fullness to every hair strand. I have to say (COULD ABSOLUTELY BE USER ERROR) this just didn’t do it for me, my hair was crunchy and not movable and you could visibly see where I had sprayed the hair spray because it had a slick almost wet look to it. For the price, I will definitely be sticking to my drugstore cans 😉

Taya Amazon White Clay Leave-In Mist
Taya Amazon White Clay thickening leave-in mist ($22) – Here is where I had my (naturally) blonde moment. The first time I used this I SO did not read the directions and just assumed based on the words “leave-in” that it was a detangler/leave-in conditioner type product meant to be sprayed liberally on wet hair like I would with any other… right? WRONG. I’m so embarrassed to even admit it but it’s a freaking finishing spray and how dumb did I feel when I was all ready to hate it because my hair dried into a crazy, crunchy, scary mess of nonsense? Super dumb, that’s me! lol. So after actually reading it and using it how it’s meant to be used as a finishing spray, I la la la la love it! It gave me that flexible, touchable hold that I needed for a day of straight hair! It shocked me that I was able to get this to work but I just went very light-handed with it which is what I probably should have done with the hairspray.

Taya Amazon White Clay Thickening Styling Creme
Taya Amazon White Clay thickening styling creme ($22) – formulated with Amazon White Clay, extracts of Croton Lechleri Resin and Raw Avocado Oil, which help to expand, enrich, and add fullness, body, bounce, and control to fine, thin, or weakened hair. This light-weight formula creates texture and density while helping control your style and smoothing down fly-aways, creating a glossy, finished look. You need the tiniest bit of this and you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck with this one! I have little baby hairs and fly-aways like you would not believe and this really helped keep those soldiers in line!

Taya Amazon White Clay Collection
Taya Amazon White Clay & Acacia Collagen hair plumper ($24) – This stuff is legit. Worth every penny, and I already want to order another bottle to make sure that I am not without it! An innovative, fast-drying mousse and hairspray, all-in-one formula, that allows you to instantly and effortlessly add fullness and plumpness to your style, creating volume, lift, dimension, and texture. Formulated with Amazon White Clay and Acacia Collagen, this unique recipe maximizes your hair’s body and substance, creating denser, fatter looking hair as it hydrates each strand. Encourages thicker, more abundant, luscious, plumping looking hair, and helps infuse every strand with rich moisture, shine and a long lasting flexible hold that helps create natural, movable, bouncy, healthy looking styles. I use a few different mousse like products depending on which way I am styling my hair so I consider myself in the know when it comes to one that touts ‘volume’  and this one definitely does with almost little to no product!

Taya Amazon White Clay thickening hairspray ($24) – I’ll be upfront here, like I said above.. I am an aquanet girl. This is New Jersey, we like big hair and I will probably never love anything more then I do that pretty purple can of love (you can totally judge me) but I still expand my horizons in the hairspray world and I have a few other tried and true favorites! This has become one of those! A really strong hold BUT completely flexible it held my hair in place but left it soft enough that I could run my fingers through it if I wanted. Don’t let the price tag scare you, sometimes it’s worth loosening our purse strings if the product is just right and this one definitely is.

Taya Amazon White Clay thickening whipped clay ($24) – I’m always intrigued by ‘whipped’ products because I don’t really see what makes them different then a mousse. I’m always waiting around for some wow factor when they have whipped in the name but they’re always just mousse. That’s not to say this product didn’t do what it said it would do because it did, I just don’t think you would need it if you already have the hair plumper or the other way around. They basically yielded the same results. All of my fine haired friends know that we can’t put more then 2-3 products in our hair anyway because the buildup will start to work against us and weigh us down. So if you’re having to choose you could pick either, they both work awesome you just don’t need the two.

Overall I was impressed with this collection, everything did what it said it was going to with the exception of the liquid hair spray but honestly that could just be my inability to figure out how to use something other than an aerosol can! The price is mid-level and lays right between drugstore and high end and with most of the items you’re getting a lot of bang for you buck making them totally worth the little extra splurge!

You can find all of these products on the official Taya website & if you’re looking for a little oomph in your lifeless hair you will definitely get it! BONUS: If you’re a US resident  you can register here to be a part of their community and receive a FREE packet of their Amazon White Clay Thickening Creme!

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