Vaseline Jelly DIY Healing Body Scrub

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Vaseline Jelly through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Vaseline Jelly, all opinions are my own.

Vaseline Jelly Healing Kit

I don’t know about you all but I assume most people are in the same situation as myself and the winter is wreaking havoc on our skin, right? My legs are dry, my hands are dry and cracking, my cuticles look like they haven’t seen moisture in months and my elbows are crazy dry. That’s where Vaseline Jelly comes in! Vaseline Jelly deeply moisturizes to heal dry skin. After-all it is the ORIGINAL dry skin healer since it’s discover in 1870! Products that have stuck around that long are definitely tried and true! Vaseline Jelly penetrates dry skin to create an intercellular occlusive barrier on the surface of the skin. I was lucky enough to receive this healing kit and I was excited to get started trying out all the different Vaseline Jelly Healing Recipes!

I figured I would start with my legs since that is where I needed the most moisture & I went right to work making this easy DIY Body Scrub!

Vaseline Jelly DIY Body Scrub

Something about this time of year really just does a number on my legs making them super dry and this scrub sounded like a great idea to go ahead and start to take care of this. I felt completely comfortable making my DIY Body Scrub with Vaseline Jelly because it’s 100% pure! Highly refined, triple purified to remove impurities, safe, and non-somedogenic. Vaseline Jelly will NOT clog your pores or cause breakouts. It’s non-irritating and hypo-allergenic! The perfect accompaniment to a nice body scrub & super easy to make.

Vaseline Jelly DIY Body Scrub

Healing Scrub

  1. Mix Vaseline Jelly with sea salt to create a scrub

  2. Apply to legs and rub in a circular motion to buff skin gently and help get rid of dry skin

  3. Rinse scrub off with warm water

  4. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline Jelly to heal and moisturize dry skin

After using this scrub my legs felt super moisturized and I could already feel the Vaseline Jelly beginning to heal my dry skin by locking in the moisture! I also went ahead and used the scrub on my elbows to work on the dry and cracking skin that I have going on there. If you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to do more then one treatment (I sure was!) and have yourself a bit of a spa night let me suggest also trying out the Healing Shaving Treatment! You know how your legs sometimes feel super dry after shaving? The Vaseline Jelly takes care of it!

Healing Shaving Treatment

  1. Shave legs

  2. Upon leaving the shower, hydrate and soothe skin by applying Vaseline Jelly to legs while skin is still slightly damp

  3. Apply warm washcloth to open pores and allow moisturization to seep deeper

  4. Gently rub in to lock in moisture and make skin soft and smooth

Vaseline Healing Hand And Nail Treatment Vaseline Hand Treatment

You all know, well if you have been around here for awhile… I have an obsession with my nails and I usually paint them daily. All that acetone seems to destroy my cuticles and all the dishes (Seriously in need of a dishwasher) just cause my hands to get crazy dry and it’s worse during the winter months so I was super excited to try out the Healing Hand & Nail Treatment! The easy to use flip cap on the Vaseline Jelly container really helps when you’re using it for your hands and I loved slipping on those white gloves to really lock that moisture in!

Healing Hand and Nail Treatment

      1. Before bed, apply a layer of Vaseline Jelly to the top and bottom of your hands

      2. Cover hands with a pair of cotton gloves and let Vaseline Jelly soak in overnight

      3. Remove gloves in the morning and dry off the remaining Vaseline Jelly

      4. Apply a dab to of Vaseline Jelly to fingernails to keep them resilient while also keeping cuticles soft

      5. Massage into fingers for five seconds each

      6. Trim nails as desired and paint with your favorite pop of color

      7. Put Vaseline Jelly on rim of nail polish to prevent sticking

I posted this on Instagram in Saturday after using the Healing Hand & Nail Treatment for a few days and I could definitely see the improvements! My cuticles were really starting to heal up and the moisture was back and they were not looking so haggard! I never thought to use Vaseline Jelly for my cuticles and now I don’t think you’d be able to convince me to use anything else!

Vaseline Jelly locks in moisture! Forms a strong seal deep within the skin (stratum corneum) that traps moisture. Helps fill in (or substitute) skin’s own intercellular lipids (known to be lost in dry skin conditions). I am super impressed! Vaseline is available for between $1.69 & $4.29 at food, drug and mass retail outlets! You can check out Vaseline Jelly for more information on which products will rock your socks & keep up with them on Facebook & Twitter!

Do You Use Vaseline Jelly? What’s Your Favorite Healing Recipe?

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  1. Crystal says

    Wow! Who would of thought a simple product that has been around for years has so many healing attributes. i’m definitely going to try it on my legs. With the cold winter and the heater being on, my legs are so dry and itchy. Thanks for the great idea!!

  2. says

    I love good old Vaseline for my heels and feet, cuticles, elbows… I will even apply it to my face when it is really cold, windy and the humidity drops below zero in my area. I have extremely dry skin and the air can suck the moisturizer right out of my skin, sometimes. Vaseline will seal it in and save my face when the weather is extreme.

  3. says

    I’ve been putting it on my lips every night because they have been so chapped. I can tell nights that I forget to do this because they are super dry in the morning.

  4. says

    Putting vaseline around the edges of your nails before nailpolishing… BEST TIP EVER. I always get nail polish all over the show, so this is perfect for me!

  5. says

    I thought I was crazy for thinking my legs and ankles were dryer than usual. Glad to know I’m not alone. Maybe it’s time to try a body scrub!

  6. says

    I’m SO happy to see you reviewing petrolatum jelly in a positive light; it has gotten SUCH a bad rap for so long, and it really isn’t necessary. My background is in the sciences, and I can tell you that cosmetic-grade petrolatum is one of the safest, most effective hydrating occlusive agents out there. Great post!

    I’ve debunked a few rumors about petrolatum jelly here: I hope you and your readers might find that useful (if not, just delete it)!

  7. says

    Ugh Ange I’m sorry if this is a repeat comment… I feel like I commented on this earlier today before I saw it in the BBC thread LOL edit this out or delete this comment hahaha

    Anywho I love vaseline! My mom taught me that it works wonders in taking off makeup and that’s all I used the first 4 years of wearing makeup!

  8. says

    What a great idea! I don’t have Vaseline around, but I do have an unopened tube of Aquaphor, so I might play around with it and try some DIY beauty projects too :)

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