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Where To Apply Concealer

Concealer. It’s every girls go-to magic unicorn in a bottle, tube or jar! Where to apply concealer can be a daunting task. Sometimes I will look in the mirror on a good skin day and try to convince myself that I don’t need a concealer and this is my biggest makeup mistake because 9 times out of 10 I do. There are certain spots that whether it be from age, sun exposure, breakouts or just a late night that we need to be utilizing our concealer on and I wanted to go ahead and share with y’all where to apply concealer that will work well for most everyday routines!

Where To Apply Concealer



ABOVE/BELOW BROW BONE //  You’re going to want to dab your concealer over your brow bone and just below. This will help to brighten your eyes as well as add a bit of a highlight to the brow bone. I find that when I have extra dark circles under my eyes adding the concealer here will also help take the attention away from those!

UNDER THE EYES  //  You want to always apply concealer under your eyes for any blemishes, dark circles, bags left over from a night out and more! I apply mine under my eye and down towards my upper cheek bone in a triangular motion and use either a stippling brush or beauty blender to blend it in. I am a diagnosed insomniac & no stranger to dark circles; adding concealer here saves the day.

AROUND THE NOSE/TIP OF NOSE  //  This is where all of my redness lives. It tends to radiate out from the little crevices of my nose onto my cheeks so concealing these areas is a must! I highly recommend remembering this part of your routine or you’ll find that when your foundation begins to settle the redness or discoloration your have in these areas will show through!

CORNERS OF THE LIPS  //  So… as much as I’d like to deny this little fact. We get older and with that comes these little fine lines that creep onto our face and try to camp out in the outer corners of our lips. Concealing this area will help you looks years younger!

BOTTOM OF LIP/CHIN  //  For me this is the area that needs to be concealed the most during that time of the month! We already know how I feel about visits from Aunt Flow, go ahead and check out my On The Go Beauty Kit I’m surprised I didn’t throw a concealer in there! Breakouts always happen for me right in this area and I am sure I’m not the only one! Applying concealer here will save you the time and trouble of being uncomfortable with what could be showing through on your skin!

(NOT SHOWN) ANYWHERE YOU HAVE DISCOLORATION  //  Blemishes, discoloration, dark circles, breakouts and anything & everything that you need to conceal! Do it up!


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  • I tried so many under eye concealers , but they all ended up drying out this area. They emphasize previously unseen wrinkles and I could never apply them without cakeiness. So I gave up trying. *sigh*

  • Love this! I have to be sure to apply it at the edges of my nose as well. It’s red there at times for no reason other than I just washed my face. Concealer defintiely makes a difference under the eyes as well. I get plenty of sleep but the bags are still there.

  • I have the exact same problem! I’ve tried liquid and powder concealer, brushes, blender, fingertips….even if I moisturize with oil directly before apply concealer here, it emphasize those wrinkles. I can’t apply near the sides of my lips for the same reason, so I just let the wrinkles show. 🙁

  • Thanks for your reply Angela, and yes, I tried different kinds of brushes, (slightly moist) beauty blenders , fingers, like Beth did. But nothing helped. I think my skin is too dry for using under eye concealers.

  • Thanks for the excellent guide! Yes, concealer is my go-to makeup item, and I agree with all your points. However, I’ve never added it to my brows before. So thanks for the recommendation.

  • This sounds wrong but I have started using coconut oil as my under-eye moisturizer…I am 44 and have those same issues under my eyes and I have tried all!! This is helping a bit to not be so cakey or dried out looking with my concealers. Cause GOD knows I need under eye concealer!

  • FYI – The link at the end of this article that tells you “Where to Apply Concealer”, is a dead link. It leads to a page that doesn’t have anything on it.

  • Please ignore my last comment, the page just magically loaded after the 10th time trying. I’m sorry!

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