Easter Outfit Ideas

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend to all of you!

I thought it would be only fitting for me to share my favorite tips and ideas for putting together an Easter outfit for my post this month. Right? Yep. I’m glad you agree!

Easter can be a lot of fun, especially for the kids. Many families put on Easter egg hunts and then cook a huge midday meal and spend some family time together afterwards. And I’m not sure if this a bible belt thing or not, but Easter egg hunts have been going on around here for at least two weeks. I can’t tell you how many churches and parks I’ve seen with bounce houses and huge signs proclaiming an Easter egg hunt on pretty much any given day or afternoon of the week. It’s pretty crazy.

I always like to dress up a little bit for Easter, but I still like to be comfortable. Here are some outfit ideas I put together to share with you.

Easter Outfit 1

A fun spring dress is always a great option! Floral is in again this year and really, you can’t go wrong!

I love pairing a sweet floral dress with some strappy sandals, without heels, and bright accessories. I like wearing sandals without heels, especially if you are going to be going to an Easter egg hunt because walking around in the grass helping little kids find eggs with heels is not a fun time.

I also like small crossbody bags because they are easy and comfortable to carry with you and since you’re wearing a dress, and therefore, don’t have pockets, it’s a great place to keep your phone while you’re busy doing other things!

Here’s another option if you aren’t going to be Easter egg hunting.

Easter Outfit 2

This outfit is definitely for people who live in colder weather for Easter! I love the look of the skinny black jeans with the nude pumps and the bright pop of color in the blazer is definitely festive!

Once again, I paired it with a small crossbody but kept it a neutral color so that the blazer is the only real pop of color on the outfit. I kept the silver accessories simple as well. I think this would be a great outfit to go to church in and then go eat with the family on Easter!

Personally, my husband and I are going to go visit my family on Easter. We stay pretty relaxed for the holiday, but I’m torn between wearing a pretty dress or a floral top with shorts. We’ll see what I pick!

What are you doing for Easter?

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  • Prairie Wife says:

    I think strappy sandals are so fun, and they are slowly starting to over take my closet. I am going the floral dress route and am just going to freeze. It’s not the first time a woman has suffered for fashion lol!

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