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Gym Bag Essentials

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbyKotex

12 Gym Bag Essentials! Must Have Products To Keep In Your Bag So You Are Prepared For Anything! #pmedia #ubyKotex #ad

This post was sparked by a situation that taught me you can never be too prepared! There is a big reason that I am bringing you these gym bag essentials today. When I first signed up for one of our local gyms I would bring almost nothing with me; pretty much some water and an iPod was all I figured I would need! I was SO wrong! So fast forward to one night after work & super unprepared me heads into the gym without a care in the world. There I am jamming along to my favorite tunes and running along on the treadmill when it hits me, it’s that time of the month and Aunt Flo has decided to make her appearance right now. I look around and there are tons of people everywhere (probably none of which were paying me any attention but you know when something like this happens you’re thinking everyone is staring) so I slowly get down of the treadmill thinking I can just run into the bathroom and they have to have one of those little machines, ya know the ones with the incredibly outdated and even more so uncomfortable tampons with those cardboard applicators in it, right? They sure did except there I had nothing;

Gym Bag Essentials! Be prepared for everything! #UbyKotex #PMedia #ad

No quarter to pop into this little machine not one thing that could possibly save me in this! So no big deal, I can just cut out early and run over to grocery store and pick up something to defeat Aunt Flo and be back within minutes to finish up my workout. Wrong, again. I looked into the mirror & I was a hot mess. Mascara running down my face, I wasn’t smelling my finest and I had worked myself into a panicked state of crazy and had nothing to munch on to keep myself from falling flat on my face; and that’s exactly what I did – nearly passed out on my way out of the gym in front of about 50 people who were now most definitely staring, running over to help and check on me. SO embarrassing!

This could have all been avoided! All over a tampon er lack there of! If I had grabbed some of my key items and thrown them into a gym bag including some of the U by Kotex Sleek tampons or Cleanwear pads that I always have on hand at home & put together my gym bag essentials that entire crisis and blow to my ego could have been averted! You can bet, I learned very quickly that I was never leaving the house unprepared again!

Never be unprepared! Make sure to pack all of these Gym Bag Essentials! #UbyKotex #PMedia #ad

Like, I said I will not be unprepared for any situation again! You can be sure if you are hanging out with me in the gym that my bag is now full of anything and everything you could need! Hungry? I’ve got you! Face a mess? I can help! Aunt Flow make a surprise appearance? Let me grab my bag!

ENERGY BAR  //  because you never know when you’re gonna need it. Exercising can take SO much out of us and sometimes ya just need a bite to eat. Trust me, this right here could have saved my almost pass out moment from happening!

FEMININE PRODUCTS  //  this is a pretty “duh” one for me now but I know for many ladies we may just not think of it! I’ve never been regular so ya know what that means? Aunt Flo can choose to attack at any moment and if you are lucky enough then you’ll have an arsenal full of U by Kotex products to battle her with! Personally I keep the sleek tampons and cleanwear pads in my bag at ALL times because I firmly believe (after that gym fiasco) one can never be too prepared! Plus, they’re super cute and if you end up dropping them out of your bag in front of those 15 body builders, chances are they won’t have a clue what they even are because of their truly unique packaging! And having them with me means no creepy outdated machines because who wants to even go there anyway? Not I!

FACIAL WIPES //  always, always bring some form of face wipes or makeup remover with you so you’re not looking like you’re straight out of horror movie when trying to make your quick escape from embarrassment.

DEODORANT  //   because really, sometimes you just can’t wait to get home and grab that shower! You need this asap, just in case.

12 Gym Bag Essentials! Must Have Products To Keep In Your Bag So You Are Prepared For Anything! #pmedia #ubyKotex #ad

DRY SHAMPOO  // this is a killer tool if you’re needing to head to work or the grocery store after the gym! Don’t forget to spray a bit on the nape of your neck to soak up the sweat for the time being.

BRUSH  //  you know you want to brush that ratty gym hair out so don’t forget your brush!!

LIP BALM  //  my lips get super dry during anything cardio related so having a lip balm with me is key!

WRIST WEIGHTS  //  if I am doing a treadmill circuit I am always using wrist weights!

WATER BOTTLE  //  I finally invested in a pretty decent water bottle that you can even freeze the middle of to keep the water colder longer!

MUSIC & EAR BUDS  //  always, always have my phone and ear buds with me so I can rock out through my workout. If I don’t have music, I am not doing anything. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

REFRESHING FACIAL SPRAY  //  I keep this with me and when I feel like I am getting overheated just spritz a bit on and I also spritz it on at the end of my workout to help me feel a bit more refreshed!

Free 3 Pack Of Goody Hair Ties With Your Purchase Of U By Kotex Sleek Tampons & Cleanwear Pads! #UbyKotex #PMedia #ad

HAIR TIES //  last but certainly not least! These are a must have for every gym bag. You want to pull your hair up to prevent it from laying on your face during any workout and all around just getting in the way! Bonus Tip: Head to Walmart and for an everyday low price (that I love!) you can grab these U by Kotex products and, while supplies last, you also get a bonus of 3 Goody elastics! They’re attached right to the box!

This fiasco has taught me a lot about being prepared! So now with my gym bag essentials and especially U by Kotex  I can be sure to never leave the house unprepared again!


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