5 Makeup Tutorials: One Great Brand!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lunchbox & NYC New York Color Cosmetics. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

#NewYorkColorMakeover 5 Tutorials With NYC New York Color Cosmetics! #beauty #beautytips #makeup #makeuptips

We have definitely talked about NYC New York Color Cosmetics around here before! I am a huge fan & who wouldn’t be? Everything is super affordable!  If you’re looking for bold, stylish, high quality, and affordable makeup products and tools then NYC is the brand for you!

If you’re in the market to learn new makeup trends and find top-quality products at affordable prices visit the NYC New York Color page and watch NYC makeup artists show you how to Get The Uptown Look for Under $20. When you’ve watched a video you’ll be eligible to download a coupon for $1 off any NYC New York Color product.

This high value coupon won’t last forever! So head to the page, watch the fab videos, and grab a coupon so you can save on the products used to create these five looks!

I was super excited because I got to try out some of the fabulous products that were used in the above looks and now I get to share them with y’all!

Summer Lipsticks! NYC Expert Last Lip Color! Forever Fuchsia, Coralista & Traffic Jam!  #beauty #makeup

EXPERT LAST LIPSTICKS //  Mositurizing, comfortable and longwearing! These hot colors are going to perfect for you this summer! They gave me 6 hours of wear and could have gone longer. Each one was super creamy and easy to apply without running outside of the lines.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color Swatches! #Lipstick #NewYorkColorMakeover #beauty #makeup

Just look at how bright those swatches are & super pigmented to boot! They worked perfect even on my pale skin but I think are versatile enough to lend themselves well to any skin tone.

NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner! #NewYorkColorMakeover #beauty #makeup

LIQUID EYELINER  //  This gorgeous liquid eyeliner is going to be a great addition to your collection! This can be used as a thin addition to your everyday look or a really bold statement to add intensity for a glammed out cat eye! I loved how easy it was too apply; usually not a fan of liquid liner I found that this one glided on perfectly with no mistakes and no smudging. I got about eight hours out of it.

NYC High Definition Liner Swatches! #NewYorkColorMakeover #Beauty #Makeup

Whether you’re wanting a fine or bold look with the mistake-proof applicator you will be good to go! It will definitely elongate your lash line and define your eyes.

NYC City Proof Twistable Lip Color! #NewYorkColorMakeover #Beauty #Makeup

CITY PROOF TWISTABLE INTENSE LIP COLOR  //  These gorgeous lip crayons are a new favorite for me! The color is super intense and stays put for about 4 hours before having to touch up! The color goes on smooth with shiny finish. The pen applicator makes it an easy application with a modern and fresh touch!

NYC City Proof Twistable Lip Color Swatches #NewYorkColorMakeover #Beauty #Makeup

Ballroom Blush & Metropolitan Mauve were absolutely perfect for me! I loved the color and the pigment was awesome! They worked excellently for my pale self!

NYC City Proof Mascara! #NewYorkColorMakeover #Beauty #Makeup

CITY PROOF MASCARA  //  I love this for everyday! I have about 4 already so another was a welcomed addition. This mascara is a staple in my makeup bag. No clumps, no smudging and lasts all day! This is quickly becoming a holy grail status product!

Don’t forget to head on over & grab this high value coupon! So head to the page, watch the fab videos, and grab a coupon so you can save on the products that I reviewed today or any you want to grab to create one of those fab 5 looks!

#NewYorkColorMakeover (Week One)

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