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Best Self Tanners: Updated!



Are you a self tanner addict? I sure am! I wrote a post last year for the five best self tanners & I thought since a year had passed and I have tried out a few new products that it was time for an update! A few of my favorites have changed and some have stayed the same because they are just that good. I have tried A LOT of self tanner’s. Sometimes they’e horrible, streaky and smell disgusting but sometimes they are so full of fab that they just get used over and over again! I don’t think that I could ever actually pick one and use it forever, I love to check out new ones and I am always on the lookout for the next favorite. Each one does different things that the others don’t and each has it’s own look so depending on what I want my tan to look like that will decide which one I grab for. There is one that I guess… gun to the head, absolutely had to vote the others off the island that I would pick and use forever and ever because it’s the one that I would I would truly be sad about if it was ever discontinued! I also want to stress that this list of five is not the be all end all of self tanners, there are so many out there and I like a lot of them so if you have questions be sure to ask, chances are I’ve tried it!

The 5 Best Self Tanners! #summerbeauty #selftan #selftantips #beauty

If you’re just getting into the self tanner thing, be sure to check out these self tanning tips so you have everything you need to know before you apply! Let’s get on with it! These are in no particular order, I love most of them equally and that’s why they’ve made the list but I will list first the one that above all others is probably the best on the market right now and can’t be beat, nothing matches it. As part of the first one, the list is techinically six self tanners because the brand makes two products that I am obsessed with

BEAUTISOL MEDIUM SELF TANNING MOUSSE & BEAUTISOL TEA TAN WASH OFF BODY BRONZER – This is technically the two for one. I absolutely love both products. They can’t be beat. If Beautisol went away I would actually cry real tears, the love is that real.

  • Beautisol Mousse – Instant/Gradual colorThis has definitely become one of my all time favorites! Seriously, it has the best guide color so you know exactly where it’s going and you can apply it with the mitt that comes with which makes it super easy. It’s lightweight and fast-drying. I’m casper kind of white and this provides a great natural looking tan. It’s also moisturizing which is amazing and is formulated with a technology to keep it smelling great so you aren’t left with the gross self tanner smell. <<<< That’s exactly what I said about it in last years favorites and it has not changed. It honestly can’t be beat. There is nothing, that I have found, on the market today in the self tanning industry that will give you this kind of color without the horrible scents and streakiness. This is also the most natural looking color of all of my favorites. 
  • Beautisol Tea Tan Glow – Instant color. This one is absolutely a must have for a gal on the go. If you haven’t had time to self tan, get your airbrush on or whatever it is you do to get color having this in your cabinet is a life saver! You’re getting instant color and it’s your “one-night tan” as it washes off easily with soap and water. So if you’re in need of color RIGHT NOW you’re gonna need this! Applies and absorbs evenly and quick.

ST. TROPEZ BRONZING MOUSSE – Instant/Gradual color. This is lightweight and super easy to apply and probably one of  the most natural looking tans that you can find a bottle. There is a caveat to this, if you’re already super dark and of olive complexion it I’ve heard that it’s not as natural looking but since I am Casper I can’t really comment to that. For me, it’s super natural looking.  No streaking and provides an all over tan, definitely use the mitt to apply or rubber gloves. I absolutely love the color of this!

RODAN + FIELDS ESSENTIALS FOAMING SUNLESS TAN Instant color.  This is a brand new (to me) product and I am already hopelessly devoted to it. It applies easily (I used a mitt), absorbs within 5 minutes and is one that didn’t stain my sheets so that gives it big bonus points! No streaks, no gross self tanner smells and no orange oompa loompa craziness. It contains Rodan + Fields’ RF-Dcell technology, which is derived from dormant narcissus bulb extract, to “quench” the rate of cell hyper-proliferation and extend the duration of the sunless tan. To show you just how good it is and how many people are grabbing it, it’s been sold out for days! Luckily, the lovely Casey from Beauty 101 is a R+F consultant so if you’re looking to get your hands on some be sure to email her ( for discounts & free shipping! 

XEN-TAN TRANSFORM LUXE –  Gradual color. I mentione Xen-Tan last year and I always go back to their brand. Recently this is the one that is really standing out for me. It’s meant to be used daily. Be sure you’re applying with a mitt. This new enhanced version of the popular Transform formula. Transform Luxe gives the same delicious daily dose of moisture and self-tan with a boost of more tanning power and a fresh new scent of vanilla. In a new larger size so your tan never has to fade. Never smells like self-tan. With antioxidants, green tea, shea butter and gingko biloba.

SUAVE VISIBLE GLOW – Gradual color. This is a gradual self tanner meant to be used daily for a period of time to really build your color. To give you an idea, it’s comparable to the Jergen’s Natural Glow, only better. It has no sign of self tan scent at all. Super moisturizing and it’s for anyone just looking for a natural glow. This will not give you a dark tan but if you’re only wanting to look sun-kissed it’s definitely for you! I wouldn’t feel right giving y’all a list of the best self tanners without including this little lovely!



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  • I just review the St. Tropez today and you’re right on darker skin tones it does not work. It was passed along to me by an olive girl. I’ll need to look into the others. I feel like I have tried so many crap ones!

  • We were sold out for weeks of the Rodan + Fields Foam Sunless tanner! Pick yours up today before they sell out again!

  • I love the Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner! I use it all year long and it is also great on your face! We have been out of stock for the last month and a half, so really you need to get your now before we go out again. It is one of my customers favorite products!

  • I really want to try all of those, you listed. I to am a pale pasty gal that loves to get my fake tan on!!!! I’ve tried: fakebake flawless, st. Moriz, tanwise, xen-tan gradual lotion, AYU, and extended vacation

    Have you ever tried sun goddess or million dollar tan?

  • I’m a self tanner junkie. Beautisol is my everything…BUT I was sent Karora (Irish brand that’s now in ULTA) recently to test, and really like it!

  • No, I haven’t tried either Million Dallor Tan or Sun Goddess. I’ll keep you posted if I do 🙂

  • I’m have been very, very tempted to try self tanner. I tan super easily, but don’t have time to go outside and get SUPER pale when I don’t–weird, I know. I’ve been thinking about using St Tropez, but I’ll have to check out the other ones!

    xo Marina

  • I’m so scared to try self tanners! I’m really bad about moisturizing daily as far as the gradual tanners go and I’m SUPER paranoid about uneven tanning for the instant tanners. How do you get your back?! lol

  • You should ABSOLUTELY try the skincare, Angela! Especially since you have a friend who is a consultant. For the first time in my life, I have no product graveyard. BONUS: I used to get called my son’s grandma regularly. It hasn’t happened to me in nearly two years. It is the best skin care EV-AH!

  • After Mohs surgery for squamous–and on my face no less, I’ve become quite the lover of the fake bake. I have to say, The Rodan & Fields just doesn’t do it for me. I spent $24.00 plus S & H thinking it would be as great as the testimonials. It isn’t. First off, it dries my skin. The color is just way too light. I’m not looking for a dark tan, but I would like to see some noticeable difference after the first application.

    My all time fave are the Tan Towels. For me, it’s a foolproof faux tan. The color is great and lasts. I also like St. Tropez and will always be a regular Jergens user!

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