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Summer Fashion Must Haves

Hey everyone! How have you been?

I’ve been gearing up for summer. Here in Memphis, I think we skip right past Spring (most years) and make a beeline into summer. It’s been perfect pool weather lately, even though no one has their pools open.

I also started summer a bit early because we went to the Virgin Islands earlier this month. So, I’ve already got my summer wardrobe down pat and I thought it would be fun to share a bunch of it with you!

During the summer, I like to wear as little as possible, while still being dressed decently. It’s hot and humid here, so if you add any layers, you’re just asking for trouble.

These summer fashion must haves are going to be perfect all summer long, whether you’re at the beach, the pool or at a backyard bbq!

Summer Fashion Must Haves

1. Mix and Match Bikinis

I love mixing and matching my bikini tops and bottoms! I especially love bikinis from Aerie, because they have so many different types and fun prints. Mixing and matching instantly doubles your bikini collection. I usually get one top and one bottom in a neutral color so I can wear patterned tops and bottoms with it.

2. Maxi skirts

I got the maxi skirt above from Target and I adore it! It’s perfect for running errands, going out to dinner or hanging out at a friend’s!

3. Loose T-Shirts and Tanks

Like I said, I like things loose and airy and I love the loose tanks and t-shirts lately!

4. High waisted shorts

At first, I fought this trend tooth and nail, but then I paired mine with the item I’m going to talk about next and I fell in love! Now I can’t get enough of these! They really accent your waist and make your legs and butt look great!

5. Tie Front Tops

At first, I hated these too. The ones in the stores never hit me on the right spot on my torso and they were not flattering. Then I made myself one and now I’m obsessed! They look so cute!

6.Lace Bralets

I buy mine at Aerie, but I’m sure you can get them elsewhere too. These are great because there is padding, but no underwire. They are super comfy and they don’t make me sweat like a bra with a wire can do on a hot summer day.

7. Fringe Tops

I haven’t bought any of these yet, but I definitely plan to! I think they are great as a bathing suit coverup with a pair of shorts or even with a pair of high waisted shorts while going to a bbq or summer music festival!

8. Studded Converse

I saw the ones above two weeks ago and picked them up instantly. They are so cute! I just love the edginess of the studs and they are great shoes to run errands in.

9. Sandals

When I’m not in my Converse, I like to wear the sandals I show up there from Target. They are super comfy and have the look of a gladiator (sort of) but without the BAM! of a gladiator sandal! Plus, they go with EVERYTHING!

10. Last but not least, a messenger bag.

I love mine from Lucky but any larger size messenger bag will do. In the summer, I make sure to throw in sunscreen, sunglasses and even a bikini just in case we decide to go swimming! It’s perfect for keeping a few pool/beach essentials in without carrying a huge beach bag!


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