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Time Saving Beauty Products


Time Saving Beauty Products for Busy Moms! #makeup #beauty #makeuptips #beautytips

I am always on the lookout for time saving beauty products and I feel like busy mama’s would have the low down since they’re always on the run and sometimes have to throw themselves together in under five minutes! I’m not a mom yet so I reached out to some of my favorite mama’s & bloggers to bring you their quick tips on what works for them! Maybe you can find something in here that could cut your routine in half? Now wouldn’t that be fab!

“Concealer and color correcting creams are your best friends, new moms don’t sleep much and concealer helps cover dark circles and color correcting will immediately even out the most tired of skins.” – Norah Loves Makeup

Having a 3 year old means putting on a face in 10 minutes or less! Tinted moisturizer, concealer (I recommend IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye) mascara, brows, blush and a long lasting lip gloss and I’m good to go!” – Love For Lacquer

My 5 minute mom look, the I have to go pick up my daughter from school, run to the grocery store, etc look is tinted moisturizer, sometimes not even that sometimes just concealer, mascara, a little bit of blush on the cheeks and a little lip gloss” – This Girl’s Life

When my daugthers were younger they were late for everything. The slowest children you have ever met. Anywho, I would throw on liner, mascara, and a touch of concealer under my eyes. I never worried about lips before leaving the house b/c I always kept a couple of glosses in the car…never lipstick b/c I didn’t want the to melt.” – Grow It Girl

During the summer with spending a lot of time outside with the kids, tinted moisturizer is a must for this pale, redhead mom. I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF30. If I need to pop out to run errands, all it takes is a quick swipe of mascara, and a great lippie and I’m presentable to the world.” – Be Happy and Buy Polish

When I’m in a big rush in the morning, I’ll try to combine makeup steps. My favorite way to do this is to start mixing products! I like to use a BB cream all over my entire face, and if I need to increase the coverage I mix in a little pigmented concealer. If I put this on my lids it covers up the visible blood vessels as well. I buff the BB cream with a brush, add a little cream blush, powder and apply mascara. With a gloss in my pocket I’m ready to go in just a few minutes.” – 15 Minute Beauty

I use products that I know will cover and enhance such as IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation, a volumizing mascara (I like Milani Total Lash Cover) and a product I can use on both my lips and cheeks (like a NARS Multiple). Brush up those brows too. For some reason that makes a HUGE difference” – Blushing Noir

As a single mom I have learned that BB Creams are magic! When I’m in a rush I stick with my basics which include my Missha BB Cream, cream blush, brow pencil, mascara, and gloss. Also, Neutrogena Facial Wipes are a must have and a godsend. I keep them near bed for those nights I collapse into bed and have no energy for a full evening skin care routine.” – Painted Ladies

“Tinted moisturizer or super light foundation with SPF like SENNA is my savior! Then, all I need is some blush and mascara and I look presentable!” – Gloss 48

I use MAC Superb Extra Dimension Skinfinish, MAC Stereo Rose Extra Dimension Skinfinish, MAC Autoerotique Extra Dimension Blush because they are 3 products that guarantee my skin look flawless and it’s SO easy to manage that I can do it while my 2 year old plays with my makeup on my vanity and keep an eye on him and still do a flawless job because they do it for me!” – Taneja’s Bride

With an 8 year old who has to be at school 3 towns over by 7:45am PLUS I have to go into work right after, I quickly brush on MAC Natural Mineralize Skinfinish, a peachy blush to look more “awake”, some L’oreal Butterfly Mascara, and a gloss and GO GO GO. My makeup routine is down to less than 5 minutes every morning!” –  Cosmetic Sanctuary

Tinted SPF moisturizer mascara and let’s go!” – Coolmom’s Cooltips

I have a 3 yr old that’s basically attached to my hips. I use a good moisturizer, bronzer, mascara, winged liner and a bold lipstick or gloss. Oh, and I can’t forget my brows. That takes me just 5 minutes.” – Beauty and the Bump

I’m all about creamy products for my quick face. I’ll use a cream eyeshadow, a liquid liner, a BB or CC cream that’s got moisturizer and sunscreen in it and a cream blush. If I’m really rushing I’ll just curl my lashes but if I have an extra minute or two then I put on mascara. Lips go on once I’m in the car.” –  Beauty Info Zone

My quick makeup routine (which is pretty much every dang day): mascara. Is that horrible? I can get by without just about everything else, but mascara is a must!” – Manifest Destany

Cream blush is the best!! It gives gorgeous, natural looking color that stays on! Plus, you can slick it on your lips for color! I keep one in my handbag for color touch-ups as needed.” – A Mom In Red High Heels

Curled lashes & mascara will do WONDERS for your look & self-esteem!” – Songbirds and Buttons

With a crazy active 5 year old, and a not quite 3 month old, i actually wrote an ebook on the topic earlier this year! My absolute favourite tip is: Take the time every few weeks to tint your brows and lashes, then in the mornings just swipe on a super bright lipstick to draw all the attention, and pat a brightening concealer under your eyes and onto your tear ducts to “fake awake”..” – Makeup Utopia

With a school-going 5 year old, I am almost always in a rush in the mornings and have only about 5 minutes to look polished and put together. I just use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream (with SPF), a black/brown pencil eyeliner and a peachy-pink lippie and I’m done! I reach for a concealer only when I haven’t slept well and really need it.” – Beauty Tidbits

If I have time for nothing else, I will always, always, always fill in my eyebrows. They give the impression that I am wearing makeup, even when I’m not, and my face looks more symmetrical…more complete, if you know what I mean.” – Mrs Three In Three

Tinted moisturizer; curled lashes with mascara; line your lower lash line with a white pencil to give the appearance you’re well rested; always wear lip gloss.” – Naptime Is My Time

Know what works for you and don’t stray far from the routine on a daily basis, unless it’s nap time or the weekend! I find that using great skincare makes me feel more confident of my skin when I have to go barefaced. When I have a few minutes for makeup I wear a tinted moisturizer, fill in my eyebrows, use cream shadow, liquid liner, mascara, and call it a day. I have a purse full of bright lippies and I trade them out throughout the day to look like I put some effort in.” – Justina’s Gems

With two little ones under 3, my get ready time can feel a bit rushed. So, to make sure I look put together in a rush, I pop some pink lipstick (try Bite Beauty Luminous Cream Lipstick in: Vidal) on my lips and then use it as a cream blush. If I have an extra minute, I add mascara and conceal under my eyes. If I don’t, I pretend I am a celebrity and wear sunglasses.” – Citizens Of Beauty

“I have 4 year twins and a 10 year old that tends to play every sport possible. lol For me… I need a 10 minute or less makeup routine to get me where I have to go in little to no time. Since I don’t use foundation, I will either use my daily moisturizer or coconut oil or tinted moisturizer if my skin is freaking out and I need a little color. I set my brows quickly in place with a brow gel, apply mascara or if I have time… a quick wash of color using a color tattoo or cream shadow and then when I apply my mascara I make sure to get it as close to the base as possible to give my eyes the look like I have liner. A great lip tint – my favs come from Jordana or Rimmel and I’m out the door. If I want to bump up my look I’ll apply a quick blush – usually my Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush. That is much more than I would wear normally – that would be my routine if I am feeling blah and need some makeup to pick me up. Otherwise, moisturizer, mascara and lip balm and I’m out!” – Honeygirl’s World

“Two words: Dry Shampoo” – Nifty BA

Exfoliate! It makes your skin bright and you’ll look more awake!” – Lipgloss & Crayons

Keep it simple but make sure to always take care of you too! You’ll feel better about the 3 hours of sleep you got if you at least put on some makeup. Wet wipes make for great quick make up removers” – Amber Nicole Blog

Make it simple. The less time you have to spend primping, the more free time you have for you.” – It’s me, Deb C!

I love my hair dryer/wave brush. Lets me dry and style at the same time.” – Penney Lane Kitchen

I’m in the process of cleaning out all of my old makeup containers and painting them with nail polish in bright colors for my daughter to play with while I’m getting ready.. no more days of her screaming and wanting to try it – she can “play” with her makeup while I do mine!” – Forevers Like A Dream

Baby shampoo works great for cleaning makeup brushes.” – Product Review Mom


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