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Beautisol Exscrub Me Review


Have y’all heard of Beautisol? I’ve talked about them a bunch and they were on my top self tanners list two years in a row because they’re pretty amazing! They’re widely known for their vegan and cruelty free self tanner products but that’s not their only claim to fame! They’ve also got paraben-free, vegan and cruelty free skin care products too,  which brings us to this Beautisol Exscrub Me Review!

Beatisol Exscrub Me Review. A gentle yet effective exfoliant! #skincare #vegan #crueltyfree

I think I was already pre-determined to at least like this product since I am SO in love with Beautisol to begin with. However, I had no idea that I would find this to be holy grail worthy! Beautisol Exscub Me? is a citrus face exfoliant that is paraben-free, sodium laurel/laureth sulphate free, vegan and as always, cruelty free. I love a good exfoliator so I was excited to put this to the test.

Let’s start with the scent! It smells good enough to eat. The citrus scent is subtle enough that it doesn’t linger when you’re through but can definitely smell it as you scrub.  Infused with certified organic orange peel, lemon, and grapefruit extracts. You really get that fresh & clean effect from using it.

Beautisol Exscrub Me Review

What does it do? Beautisol Exscub Me? gently exfoliates your skin while giving you a deep cleansing, removes dead skin cells and annihilates impurities. This is perfect to use before applying the Beautisol Self Tanner or just to give yourself a great cleansing in general. My skin was left feeling smooth. I have a combination skin but as of late I have been leaning on the dry side of things and this left me feeling fresh and allowed my moisturizer to really melt into my skin to keep me moisturized.

Who can use it? Anyone. It’s formulated for all skin types! Have at it, ladies. It’s the bomb dot com.

How do I use it? Dampen your face and apply a small amount (smaller than what’s on my hand above, a little goes a long way with this) and massage it onto your face in a circular motion as you would your other skincare products. Rinse well with warm water, pat dry. Afterwards you can either apply your tanner if that’s why you’re using this or go ahead with the rest of your skincare routine.

The teeny tiny jojoba beads really made this baby stand out for me, it got through all of my dead skin and left my face feeling soft and smooth. I’ve been using it twice a week for the last few weeks and you can absolutely tell the difference with each use. Absolutely worth a try! It retails for $17 from Beautisol here but from now until June 30th, 2014 you can get it on BOGO with the code “BOGO2014” so I definitely suggest grabbing it to try while you can another free because well… who doesn’t love free?


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