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Brushegg Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool Review

Brushegg Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Tool! Not wanting to spend $$ on an oven mitt from Sigma? This if for YOU! $8 & works amazing! #makeup #beautytips

I don’t know that I can put into words the excitement I have over this little $8 masterpiece. I am 100% obsessed with the brushegg, like full on love affair. When Krystal, from Beauty By Krystal posted this to her Instagram I was super intrigued and knew that I needed to try it out. I have always been one to just wash my brushes by hand and it would sometimes take for-freaking-ever and sometime last year, some brand who will remain nameless (cough, rhymes with Ligma, cough) came out with a spa glove or some equally weird name and plopped a crazy $$ price tag on it I thought about grabbing it (due to the Youtube hype) for about 30 seconds before deciding that it was a glorified silicone oven mitt that I could grab at Target for under $10 (which I did)… But when presented with this cutie I whipped out my credit card and happily shelled out the $8.

The only makeup brush cleansing tool you will ever need! the Brushegg is perfect and SUPER affordable!

The brushegg is used to help with the deep cleaning of your makeup brushes! It’s compact, quick and easy to use. Fits right on your finger for easy scrubbing. Not only is it super affordable but it’s completely effective. You can use whatever soap or brush cleansing solution you choose & it reduces the amount of product that you need. The smaller knobs at the top are used for foaming and lathering. Grooves on the bottom are used to agitate the bristles just enough to release the built up product, dirt, and oils without stripping the bristles.

The smaller section worked amazing on my fan, liner, pencil, and smudge brushes. The larger section was awesome for everything else. This little gadget cut my cleansing time in half, the product was released so much quicker then when I was just using my hands. Everyone should own this, I am in love. You can grab one here.



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