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Dorm Room Essentials

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Dorm. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Dorm Room Essentials at Pottery Barn!

I never went away to college, I commuted from home so I never had the chance to decorate a dorm room. That’s something that I’ve never been particularly sad about until I started seeing all of these cool products from PBDorm that I could have used while decorating! My cousin is venturing off to school at the end of the Summer and wanted some help choosing out essentials for her dorm room, I though this would be the perfect time to pick out some of my favorites and what I would have picked when decorating a dorm room!

PBdorm offers an exclusive collection of dorm furnishings and essentials including: bedding, seating, lighting and other accessories designed to help teens turn their dorm room into their ultimate home away from home. PBdorm addresses all of your needs in a range of categories such as: sleep, study, lounge, decorate, organize and shower. PBdorm offers smart storage solutions and unique ways to personalize your space, including decals and murals that are designed to hang with no nails or tools required. PBdorm focuses on providing dorm solutions such as multi-functional products and space saving items, helping teens make the most of their limited dorm room space.

Perfect board for above any desk!

I would absolutely start with the walls if I were decorating my own dorm room and this Zebra Print cork board from PBDorm is the perfect place to start! Animal print is so in so I feel like this is a super styling way to add a bit of sass to you’re room while staying functional!

Chalkboard Wall Art

I am SO loving this piece of chalkboard wall art, you can find it at PBDorm and add it to a gallery wall or above you’re bed for a constant reminder! Coco Chanel speaks the truth, ladies!

Zebra Print Bean Bag Chair

ALL.OF.THIS. this chair is absolute perfection and I kind of want to add it to my apartment! That’s the awesome part about PBDorm they have items that can work in a dorm room or in your very own home! LOVE!

Black & White Bedding!

Of course, bedding is a dorm room must have! I loved all of the selections over at PBDorm, ultimately I think I would go with something cute and chic like this polka dot bedding!

Monogrammed Towels

Everyone loves a monogram, right? These towels are super cute and fun! Totally my style and hopefully my cousins too! What’s your dorm room style? Would you go with monogrammed towels or plain? No matter your choice, PBDorm has you covered!

Shower Caddy

I love the color options that are available for all of the shower things over on PBDorm. This caddy jumped out at me and I just felt like it would be perfect for your on the go needs!

Office Lamps

There is SO much to choose from when you’re looking at lighting that it was super hard for me to pick just one. I am loving all of the designs and colors!! Perfect accessories for any dorm room.


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