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Gnarly Whale Beard Tonic: Review


Gnarly Whale Beard Tonic Review #beauty #skincare #bathandbody

Have you ever tried asking your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, friend what they like about a product? I don’t think he quite grasps that a review can’t consist of just two words “It’s good!” or even three with “I like it”. I tried my best to poke at him until he gave me more! Even then, I tried it for myself because ya know.. what do they know 😉 You all know I love me some Gnarly Whale and we’ve talked lots about them before. I’m super excited to share one of their man focused products with you today, have no fear ladies, you can totally use it too!

Gnarly Whale Beard Tonic in ‘Barber Shoppe’ is a completely made from scratch & tested on humans moisturizing tonic. Geared towards a healthier looking beard and aiding in moisturizing the skin underneath the men in your life can use this daily for best results. I relied heavily on what I noticed as differences in his beard since he started using this because like I said, he’s a man of few words. His beard definitely looks healthier, shinier and less straggly(is that a word?) and I could tell that his chin and cheek area looked especially less dry. He’s been using it daily in the mornings. I’ve also been using it, I can’t miss out on all that moisture! I’ve used it as a hair oil and love the shine it gives, I use it maybe twice a week on dry hair. Another thing I have done with it is use it as an ‘after shave’ moisturizer when I’m done shaving my legs. I usually get a little redness and irritation from shaving and this has cut that out completely, I am super impressed!

You can grab the Gnarly Whale Beard Tonic here for $19, and don’t forget to use the code ‘Hairspray20′ for 20% your purchase! This would make the perfect gift for the man in your life!

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