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The Busy Girl’s Guide To Fitness with Stayfree

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The Busy Girl's Guide To Fitness with Stayfree #FreeToMove #Shop #cbias

We’re all super busy gals, right? In one way or another it seems that I am always on-the-go. A big reason for that is the fact that as most of you know since May-ish, I have been on this #NoExcuses fitness journey and that involves getting up off of my butt for at least 60 minutes a day and moving! From riding my bike, the elliptical, a power walk or some crazy HIIT I make sure that I am moving and sweating it out. The last things I want to worry about are Aunt Flo coming to town and me without a pad, dirty hair, a not so pleasant scent or even no gym to go to. Stayfree wants all of us ladies to be #FreeToMove whenever the mood strikes so I have some tips and tricks for y’all of things I keep with me on a daily basis to make sure I get my fitness on in my busy schedule!

The Busy Girl's Guide To Fitness with Stayfree #FreeToMove #Shop #cbias

Be prepared for anything: You want to make sure you have a little kit put together to toss in your bag at a moments notice if you’re going to be out for entire day. Fitting a workout into your day is super important, Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular pads are perfect for this kit because you won’t be worried at all about your pad failing you during that intense workout! I always have body spray with me to keep it fresh just in case I am doing a mid-day workout and maybe won’t have time to catch a shower. For some reason, sweating dries me out so I am always packing a moisturizer!

The Busy Girl's Guide To Fitness with Stayfree!  #FreeToMove #Shop #cbias

Have zero excuses: Seriously nothing should keep you from getting in that workout, right? Is that time of the month a bit heavy for you? Try the Stayfree Overnight pads for some extra reinforcements! If I am going to the gym on a busy night where maybe I have drinks with friends planned afterwards, shampoo and conditioner is always inside of my bag for a quick shower! A lip balm is a must have I think for everyday and even while working out, you won’t dare catch me without one!

The Busy Girl's Guide To Fitness with Stayfree #FreeToMove #Shop #cbias

Be #FreeToMove: Grab yourself some deodorant, a comb and some baby powder as a diy dry shampoo and you will keep your hair and body fresh as can be! So busy that you don’t even have time for the gym? I keep a jump rope and wrist weight in my busy girl gym kit for those days when I don’t even the time but know I need to get it done!

The Busy Girl's Guide To Fitness with Stayfree #FreeToMove #Shop #cbias

Building your own Busy Girl Gym Kit will be super easy, you’ll have everything you need to make sure you’re free to move and getting your fitness on! Stop by your local Walmart to find your own Stayfree products to add to your kit!

The Busy Girl's Guide To Fitness with Stayfree #FreeToMove #Shop #cbias

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