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Morning Routine With Rohto Cooling Eye Drops


Rohto Cooling Eye Drops

Long night? Early morning? Those two things happen for me more often than not. Some people think that working from home must be so easy but I am here to tell you that it is not. I can’t tell you how many times I am up until the wee hours of the night (thanks, insomnia) working and than back up at the crack of dawn to get right back to it. What comes with that? Dry and super red eyes! I literally can’t function without eye drops. It’s one of the first things that happen when I wake up. I get my eye drops over the counter specifically grabbing eye drops for red eyes because it looks cute on no one, am I right?  Rohto®Cooling Eye Drops is the number-one global eye drop brand so you know that I choose nothing but the best, their going into my eye, it’s a must! 

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops contain proprietary state-of-the-art Freshkick™ technology: an intense freshness formula designed to relieve irritation, sooth and comfort eye for up to 8 hours. This makes them a perfect edition to my morning routine! 

Rohto Cooling Eye Drops for a Bright & Clear Morning Routine

My bright & clear morning beauty routine is pretty simple!  I start by hitting snooze a kagillion times (seriously, I set my alarm for earlier to alot for this nasty habit) and when I finally roll out of bed it’s straight to the bathroom I go! I start by swishing my coconut oil, cleaning my face and moisturizing, when I’m through swishing I have a nice glass of warm lemon water to jumpstart my metabolism for the day and spritz some evian mist on my face to wake me up and I finish it up with the Rohto Cooling Eye Drops! Easy peezy, right?

Launching in July, 2014, Rohto® Cool Max is the newest variant, specially formulated to provide maximum strength redness relief to whiten, protect and relieve red eyes without the need for a prescription. One of the coolest things about these eye drops are that they come in a super fun, clear bottle that has anon-squirting single drop dispenser – the only packaging of its kind on the market. It’s sleek and cute so if you do work outside of the home, it’s easily tossed into your handbag without taking up much space! From redness, to dry eye, to itching from environmental irritants, Rohto® has an assortment of cooling solutions for every symptom to refresh, moisturize and provide fast-acting relief for irritated eyes. 

You can pick up Rohto Cooling Eye Drops in drugstores, mass merchandisers and supermarkets nationwide at an SRP of $5.99 per bottle.

Add Rohto Cooling Eye Drops to your morning beauty regimen for a bright, clear start to your day. Enter to win a box of Rohto CoolMAX along with a $25 gift card to put towards the rest of your beauty regime.


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