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Summer to Fall Transition Outfit

Hey everyone! It’s time for another fashion post! I thought I’d share a “Summer to Fall Transition Outfit” today because it’s getting to be about that time. In the South, summer tends to linger. For months, It’ll be too hot to really be fall, but we’re all wishing for fall or it’s just cold enough to sort of be fall, but still hot enough to wear shorts.

Enter the transition outfit.

I’ve been experimenting with different styles and have kind of fallen in love with the whole “tights under shorts” trend. At first, it drove me nuts, then I was indifferent and now I’m kind of in love with it.

Side note, I’ve also been fall shopping lately, and I”m noticing a definite come back of loose plaid flannel shirts. I remember when I was 13 and going through a grunge phase and my dad gave me one of his plaid flannel shirts. I loved that thing. It was so soft and comfy. I kind of wish I had kept it now since they are all over the shelves this season.

Anyway, on with my outfit!



When I put on those lace tights, I was iffy at first but I decided they pair pretty well with some ripped up denim shorts, a graphic tee, a jacket and combat boots! Note: They do not pair well with dogs that like to jump on you.



I’m not sure if anything I’m wearing is currently in stores (Sorry!) But basically, I just grabbed some festival high waisted shorts from American Eagle, some lace tights from Target, black combat boots from Target, and the Jacket is from the “Pretty Little Liars” line at Aeropostale (no longer sold, but you can get similar at Forever21 or Charlotte Russe) and I made the graphic tee myself.

You can check out that tutorial here.



The best part about this outfit is that you can wear the jacket if it’s chilly/windy outside or at night and just take the jacket off during the day or if it warms up a bit! It’s a great outfit for a concert or bonfire or even shopping with friends!

And I promise, the tights under shorts thing does grow on you!

Be sure to check out my graphic tee DIY up on my blog today to learn how to make this shirt for yourself!

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