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Posh Pak Review


New! Posh Pak is a NEW, trendy subscription box for girls (children to teens).

I’m a little excited to share this with y’all. Posh Pak is a NEW, trendy subscription box for girls (children to teens).  Their boxes contain a sampling of the best products you can find in the marketplace.  They send 5-6 full and sample-sized products to their customers monthly. The PAK contains everything ranging from lip gloss to ear buds; nail polish to funky pencils – you name it, they’ve got it!  Girls (and moms!) open this box and are surprised by the quality of products that they will find.  They’ve got contracts with some of the greatest brands and fun designers (Lilly Pulitzer, Kate Spade, to name a few!) and can’t wait to share these fun products with their customers! I was super excited when this got to my door. It may be marketed to teen girls but I was like a kid in a candy store with all of the fun happening in this bright new subscription box! 

Posh Pak!

Not Your Mother’s is one of my absolute favorite brands so I was excited to see it in there along with some pretty rocking rocking headbands! So much fun, this would make any young girl’s day. When you subscribe to Posh Pak, they have three different age ranges to choose from so you can choose what would fit your daughter, niece or friend! Or yourself— like me!

Posh Pak

Bracelts, lip balm, and candy galore! This box got better and better the more I dug in! Seriously so much fun! Inside the Pak you will find 4 to 6 items ranging from health/beauty, fashion accessories, tech, school supplies, tasty treats and some designer labels.

Posh Pak

The sleep mask is one of my favorites! We get so much light in our bedroom from the emergency lights outside and I like to sleep in pitch black so this is definitely one of my must-haves.

Overall, I am obsessed with Posh Pak and I may just have to grab one in the oldest age range and share whatever I don’t want with all of my nieces. I haven’t been excited about a subscription box in awhile and this one hit it out of the park, for sure. Like I said, you choose the proper age range for your mini-fashionista and then subscribe with the plan that works for you! Monthly – $29, 6 Months – $169, and a year – $329! You can grab your very own Posh Pak here and be sure to follow them on Twitter & Facebook to get the latest!

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